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Dalnacardoch, A9, Edendon Water, Badnambiast bothy,
Sronphadruig Lodge, Scottish Highlands
[18.6 km] Tue 21 May 2024

Lat/Long: 56.806166, -04.088653
OS Grid ref: NN 72484 70223

After a long drive along the A9 and minor road at Dalnacardoch I left my cart by the road and set off around 13:45 to head up Glen Edendon. It's a much later start than usual but I wanted to get this walk in before the rainy weather arrived during the week. I crossed the A9 then up the stony estate road and into the woods. At the high point is a radio mast which is an O2 mast at the south end of the glem pushed its signal north. The roughly stoned track began to improve with a smoother surface part way up.
By Edendon Water.

Badnambiast bothy
I continued to the tall cairn on the left which is as far as Iíve walked at a previous visit on 7th Feb earlier this year. A 4wd vehicle passed me on its way north and further on a man on a mountain bike came south. I reached the bothy at Badnambiast which had a substantial roof in good condition but was derelict inside. A notice on a rood beam reads:
Sudden death of Gamekeeper.
Donald Mactavish, a keeper on the Athol side of Driumaschdar died on the roadside near Dalwhinnie on Friday night while he and two others were going along the road towards his house at Badnambiast, the deceased dropped down and soon thereafter expired. His body was taken to the Dalwhinnie Hotel.
So presumably this building was his home.

New bridge before the lodge.

Sronphadruig Lodge.
The weather was nice as I continued north then dropped down to cross Edendon Water at the bridge then up the west bank for a couple of kilometers to another crossing. The map shows a ford but thankfully there is a newish concrete bridge crossing. I still couldnít see my objective of the Sronphadruig Lodge. A vehicle approached from the north, passed me and continued south. It could have been the one I saw earlier coming back. Through the pines I saw the roof of the lodge ahead. I reached the gate in the surrounding deer fence, went through and up to the lodge buildings. The front door was securely shut and I soon found out was barricaded from the inside. Round the back a missing window gave easy access inside. It was a fascinating time capsule which looked like it was last occupied over 30 years ago. I wandered around but it was now 16:30 and I had a long walk back to the car.
It is interesting to note that the 1860 map calls the building Edendon Lodge.

I set off back the way Iíd come and as I continued south the weather became overcast and a bit drizzly. As I approached the rasio mast Iíd seen earlier I diverted my return route down to the old quarry area so I could follow the path down to Edendon Water and follow it under the A9 road through the impressive tunnel. I emerged onto the old A9 route then via Dalnacardoch buildings and back to my car.
Under the A9.
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