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A9 (Dalwhinnie), Cuaich Power Station, Carn na Caim,
Coire Bhathaich, Scottish Highlands.
[18.2km] Wed 20 Mar 2024

Lat/Long: 56.952345, -04.211956
OS Grid ref: NN 65483 86725
Id spent the night near Dalnaspidal, hidden behind a pile of spoil as the car park area was taken up by construction vehicles as it looks like part of the cycleway is being repaired. There was rain overnight and it was still raining when I temporarily moved to Balsporran car park. I waited there until the rain eased a bit then continued driving north to the start of my walk at the entrance track to the Cuaich Hydro Power Station. It was still raining a bit when I set off east along the unmade access track. It rises then reaches a man made waterway of concrete which was running full almost to overflowing. It is the Cuaich Aqueduct and takes water by gravity to the River Truim near Dalwhinnie.


Cuaich Power station.


The track runs along the north side of the aqueduct all the way to the Hydro Station building. It is interesting to note the concrete struts across the top of the aqueduct to support the side walls. There were some vehicles at the buildings and men working. I stopped to ask one if he knew how old the building was. 1930s he said. I turned right to follow a stoned track up along the line of a large diameter pipeline Im guessing 2m dia. At the top of the rise it vanished into a large concrete block and I can only assume it carries water from a tunnel under the mountain. The track swings to the right then up into the high valley and at the steep ridge edge becomes a quad bike track and very rough in places.

The earlier rain had stopped but I was soon in cloud and on he highest point of the ridge it started snowing. There was already a dusting of snow on the ground and thankfully little wind.
Eventually I headed up by he ridge side to reach the Carn na Caim summit and low cairn. I was here last month 8th Feb and -10degC. Today it was 2degC. I followed a descent route to the north over some rough ground with a faint deer track to follow. I looked back and saw 2 people approaching the summit from the SW, opposite direction to me. My descent continued and began to get steep so I took a diagonal route to reach the head of the stoned track.
Quad bike track.

Carn na Caim summit
lat/long 56.911888, -04.173093, alt=946.9 m (3,107ft)

View on the descent.
There was then an easy mile walk to a side short cut track but it petered out after a while but being on foot was no problem. At the power station the men were still working as I rejoined my original route and walked back to the car.
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