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Threlkeld, Brundholme, Hawell Memorial Cross, Glenderaterra Beck, Ings, Cumbria.
[12.7 km] Wed 06 Mar 2024

Lat/Long: 54.615477, -03.060213
OS Grid ref: NY 31630 24997

With the prospects of a good days weather ahead I reached the small laybye park by the road to the west of Threlkeld. As the last time I was here I was the only car. I set off walking west along the path that follows the line of the old railway towards Keswick. I didnít stay with it long as I left after a mile and through a gate joined the old road below Brundholme. I followed it steeply up towards Lonscale and wondered how difficult it would have been for vehicles and carts when it was one of the two roads towards Keswick.

The last train.

Top of iron fence post.

Steam engine.

Bridge over Glenderaterra Beck.
When the road reached its highest point I left through a gate to follow a track to the main Skiddaw car park. There were a few cars there when I arrived. I followed the mountainís main ascent path north as far as the stone cross monument to Edward Hawell. While several walkers continued straight ahead I followed a minor path to the right to descend to Whit Beck and a larger track that is now the Cumbria Way, roughly following the contour. I reached the west side of the Glenderaterra Beck where the path swings to the left and follows high up the west side of the valley.
Hawell Memorial Cross and track to Skiddaw.

Hawell Memorial Cross.

Hawell Memorial Cross.

Hawell Memorial Cross.

Hawell Memorial Cross.

Edward Hawell memorial cross

It reads - In loving memory of two Skiddaw shepherds
Born Oct 21st 1815
Died Jun 2nd 1889
and his son
Born Dec 24th 1855
Died Feb 20th 1891Noted breeders of prize Herdwick SheepAlso to ROBERT WALKER HAWELL
Born 16 Mar 1851 Died 29 Dec 1911
Great Shepherd of thy Heavenly Flock
These men have left our hill
Their feet were on the living rock
Oh guide and bless them still.
The verse is from a poem by Hardwicke Rawnsley, a Lake District resident for much of his life and one of the founders of the National Trust (he also purchased and donated the Castlerigg stone circle to the Trust). It's said that Canon Rawnsley was responsible for having the memorial erected using local stone chosen by Joseph Hawell.

Cumbria Way above Glenderaterra Beck.

The weather continued rather nice with some blue sky and changing clouds giving impressive views.Before I got to the head of the valley I descended to the right down a narrow green path to the track on the far side of the valley I continued south to the car park where the track meets the narrow road. I was just above the Blencathra Centre and as I descended the road there was a large coach and a mini bus heading up to the Outdoor Centre. Just before High Row Farm I left the road to follow a path south through the fields to Ings where I followed its track down to the road and back to my car.

I didn't see any real squirrels.
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