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Threlkeld, Keswick Railway path, Spoonygreen Lane,
Latrigg, Brundholme, Cumbria.
[12.7 km] Thu 22 Feb 2024

Lat/Long: 54.615477, -03.060213
OS Grid ref: NY 31630 24997

After a dark rainy drive north along the M6 I reached the old road by Threlkeld to dry weather but still gloomy and overcast. Mine was the first vehicle in the layby parking and there was still nobody about as I set off walking west along the old railway footpath to Keswick. It was still very gloomy and I needed my tripod to take some of the pictures.


Rivets on the railway bridge.

Along the railway.

Bobbin Mill Tunnel.
It wasn’t long before people started to turn up and there was a steady stream of walkers and runners coming both ways. It was a bit drizzly when I arrived at the old railway Station so I stopped to have my sandwiches. There were no seats under the platform roof so I had to sit on a wet seat outside the sheltered area. I continued along the lane to the turn off up Spoonygreen Lane and that was very busy with walkers.
Bobbin Mill Tunnel.

Keswick Railway Station today.

Keswick Railway Station before closure.
I continued steadily upwards until I came to a junction of several paths. I took the right path up through the trees to a forest track and eventually reached a path turn off that headed straight up the fell. I was annoyed to see the metal gate was chained and padlocked. Adjacent was a stile with a very high step up. I followed the path steeply up to a flat area with a bench and a nice viewing area.
Locked gate.

Derwentwater view from Latrigg.

On Latrigg looking to Blencathra.

Seen on a sign by the path:
William Calvert - an agricultural leader.
In 1814 William Calvert, of Windebrowe, attempted to grow corn high on Latrigg.
After building a wide track, he ploughed the top of the fell! He was a keen chemist and innovator but this time his experiment failed.

Herding sheep along the lane.
The grass was extremely slippery on the last bit of the climb. The path continued up to the actual summit which was a long flat area with a slight dip. It was hard to judge which was the highest end. 368m (1,207ft). The descent continued steadily down in an easterly direction. Eventually I joined the track coming down from the main car park and down to Brundholme. I then had options. to join the railway path and a flat direct route to the car. Or continue up the lane to Wesco. I took the Wesco route as it gave me nice views of Blencathra from the lane.
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