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Mungrisdale, Bullfell Beck, Bowscale Fell, Bannerdale, Cumbria.
[8.0 km] Tue 13 Feb 2024

Lat/Long: 54.663811, -02.991205
OS Grid ref: NY 36162 30310

The weather forecast varied by the hour but seemed to indicate rain from mid day. I reached Mungrisdale and set off along the lane to St Kentigern's Church where I stopped briefly to take a photo. I didn’t go inside. Further on I turned left up the minor track towards Bullfell Beck.

St Kentigern's Church

Pines near Mungrisdale.


The track up to Bullfell Beck

Water intake.

Cattle trough

Errington Bardon Mill.

As I went through the gate a solo walker came up behind. He was heading up towards Raven Crag and on to Blencathra so I didn’t see him for long. I continued straight ahead for Bullfell Beck. It was an easy walk along the track to the water intake building but I’ve no idea if it is still in use. Further up I stopped briefly at the ruined sheepfold and nearby earthenware trough.

Looking down Bullfell Beck.

View from Bowscale Fell

Bowscale Fell and Blencathra in the distance.

I crossed the beck and took a steep diagonal line up to another sheepfold in a flat area by a rocky outcrop. It is a quiet secluded spot so I stopped to eat my sandwiches. There were still small snowfields around. I followed the contour and crossed the small beck to take a diagonal and pathless route up to the east of Bowscale Fell.

Stone slabs.
I crossed over the summit and descended to the main path to the north of ‘The Tongue’ and descended steadily. As I descended, others were coming up. Over Bullfell Beck I came to the large stone slabs forming the footpath. Some have sunk into the bog and are about 100mm underwater. I detoured over the rushes & was soon back at the car.
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