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Dalnacardoch, A9, Edendon Water, Edendon Bridge, Scottish Highlands.
[7.9 km] Wed 07 Feb 2024

Lat/Long: 56.806166, -04.088653
OS Grid ref: NN 72484 70223
Set off for Scotland to do some walking about 07:30am. Called at Broxton, Perth to get fuel then continued to A9 and down the old road at Dalnacardoch. Parked the car to make a short walk up the north valley off Glen Garry . I crossed the A9 and up the access track into Dalnacardoch Wood. A steady climb took me to a radio mast where I was at a high point and had a good view up the valley.
Radio Mast.

Lonesome cairn.
My objective was to visit a cairn shown on the map. Below was an area of old quarry workings but it just seems gravel was taken out. Continuing up the track I reached a ruined building on my left and sheep pens on my right. The tall and well made cairn was visible to my left and seemed to be of a considerable age. As I reached the track to return a couple walked up and continued up the valley. On the way back I descended to the quarry area and followed a track below the woods towards a culvert under the A9.
Scots Pines

Edendon Bridge.

Edendon Bridge.

On the old A9.

On the old A9.
The map doesn’t show a path through but when I got there a concrete track by the river was accessible. I had to be careful at first due to a lot of ice. Under the culver was quite photogenic with the river curves and sky. It is called Edendon Bridge. On the other side I was able to regain the old A9. There was a house and a man came out to check what I was doing there. After a brief cheat I continued back to my car then on to the car park at Balnasporran Cottages to stay the night. The temperature soon dropped to -2 degC then -4degC and overnight down to -10degC.
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