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Cycle bike-pack Dolgellau, Corris, Machynlleth, Rhiw Fawr,
Llanbrynmair, Minllyn, Bwlch Oerddrws, Wales.
(2 day bike-pack)
Tue 26 Apr - Wed 27 Apr 2022

Wed 27 Apr 2022
Day01: Tue 26 Apr 2022 Day02: Wed 27 Apr 2022

Morning vieew of the monument.
The wind blew strongly all night and by morning it was only just above freezing. I had good views but they were hazy. I packed up and was underway before 8am. Id realised that my planned camp for the night wouldn't be possible as it is at the top of one of the toughest climbs in Wales. I knew Id have to push the bike but multiple 1in7s and 1in5s would be too much. I had a short steep hill up to the top of Bryn y Fedwen (Birch Hill) then a long descent to the B4518.
I turned left to head north along the valley bottom and through Dolgadfan to Llanbrynmair. I met the main A470 then crossed it to follow the narrow lane to Pandy. Up ahead I could see the road heading between mountains and wondered what hills awaited. As it turned out most of the way was rideable. The final bit just before the A458 was a tough push and must have been 1in5.
Church at Llan.

Top of the 1in5.
I turned left on the main road and cycled down to Mallwyd and a roundabout at the main A470. Id already decided that my only option was to get back to Dolgellau today. I reached Dinas Mawddwy where my original plan was to turn right to the Bwlch y Groes (Pass of the Cross). This wasn't to be so I continued along the main A470 which was still going to be tough over the Bwlch Oerddrws. The final mile was a long push all the way. Approaching the summit I could see several people standing around and not moving. When I got to the parking area I realised they were waiting for passing aircraft but none came while I cycled down the long descent.

Bwlch Oerddrws

Bwlch Oerddrws
I reached the Cross Foxes Inn where I was yesterday then continued down to the turn off for Brithdir. Here I descended to the Afon Wnion then crossed the bridge to the main A494. On the opposite side I joined the narrow steep road heading back up to the start of my ride. I knew what to expect so pushed away. It didnt take as long as I was expecting and I got back to the car around 13:30. Caroline wasn't there so I packed my bike in the car and drove home.
On the long descent..

The arch is an old estate boundary.

Cycle journey end.


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