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Longlands Fell, Lowthwaite Fell, Brae Fell, Norman Farm, Cumbria.
[9.2 km] Tue 21 Sep 2021

OS Grid ref: NY 26623 37108
Lat/Long: 54.723584, -03.140769

 Longlands Fell.
A bit of mist on the motorway as I drove north along the M6. I left the motorway at Junction 41 to head west towards Hesket Newmarket and on to the minor road to Longlands. I found a decent parking spot off the road by an old quarry access track. The weather continued cloudy with mist and low cloud. I set off south along the narrow Lane to pass the buildings of Longlands then down the steep hill to Longlands beck. I left the road here to go through the gates on the left onto the old track but turned immediately right to head roughly southeast up a reasonable grassy path up Longlands Fell. Just as I started to climb there was another climber infront checking his phone. I said good morning as I passed and headed upwards.

 Lowthwaite Fell.
I was going slow and steady and he soon caught up and overtook me. I reached the summit cairn and could just see the adjacent hills. I'd originally planned to head straight for Braefell but the walking was very pleasant so decided to to continue south and walk over Lowthwaite Fell as well. There was a steep descent at first and some indication that the weather was clearing slightly. Later on this proved false. There was a steady climb up to Lowthwaite Fell summit and no obvious cairn. Off the path were a few stones that I would consider as an insignificant cairn. I continued over the top then gently down where the path leveled out across Broadmoss.
I took shortcut across the moor to pick my original route to continue up towards Brae Fell. It was an easy walk as the gradient eased. Braefell summit has quite a large cairn and an outer area of inst stones which give the impression of an ancient structure. The main path continues down to the north east but I have decided to descend almost west along a minor path which isn't shown on any map. It is quite clear on the ground and descends steadily and easily down to Charlton Gill.
Brae Fell cairn.

 Reaching the road looking NE.
It is obviously well used by walkers. I reached the small river in the gill and the path continued up the far bank to join the main path higher up. The path now continues north across Lodness and descends steadily to the main Cumbria way path. Once here I crossed over to head for the farm buildings of Norman. Although a track is shown on the online map there was nothing to see on the ground. As I approached a wall and and trees behind and a path emerged. I continued to a couple of gates that took me into the farmyard which doesn't seem to be a working Farm. I turned sharply left to leave by another gate and through a large field full of sheep. Once through I passed through another gate to follow a track then path across the open moor back to the road. It was then a short walk back to my car.

 Longlands Fell.
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