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Aughertree Fell, Romano-British settlements, Aughertree, Uldale, Cumbria.
[7.6 km] Wed 15 Sep 2021

OS Grid ref: NY 26319 37466
Lat/Long: 54.726676, -03.144198

 Skiddaw in the distance.
A misty M6 motorway drive to Cumbria. Over Shap the sunrise broke through and there was a clear sky for my drive to Hesket Newmarket and on to the start of my walk on the road towards Uldale. I reached the small laybye and there were two vans already there and it turned out they’d been there overnight.
Settlement ditch.
I set off walking east downhill along the road to a low point where I turned left to follow a faint path across the grass which soon increased to a grassy track up to some old limestone quarries. The old map calls them Gillhead Quarry. I turned left to climb west up above the quarry to a minor grassy path up towards Dale Hows and Aughertree Fell. The weather was great as I walked over the summit and started down to the west to investigate some ancient settlements shown on the map. I reached the first one and it was identified by a ditch with embankments roughly circular. I walked round it then round the second before finding a nice spot to sit down and eat my sandwiches. Apparently they are Romano-British making them around 2 or 3 thousand years old.

 Aerial view image from the web.

 View from the road.
The map shows Soursike Well but there were just rushes and no running water anywhere. I headed north across open ground to reach a path and turn left to head towards Aughertree and a collection of houses. Through a gate I came to a road and followed it towards Uldale. A sign said it was unsuitable for vehicles and before long it deteriorated to bits of tarmac with more grass in the centre to where it was just a dirt track.

Snooty Fox Uldale.

Weather Forecasting Stone.
The OS map indicates it is adopted but I wouldn't want to try and drive along it. I reached the village of Uldale and the Snooty Fox Pub which was closed today. I turned left at the road to head off back to my car. Heading up the steep hill I left the road to follow a nice grassy way by a wall until I was high enough to rejoin the road and an easy walk back to my car.

 Weather Forecasting Stone in Uldale.

 Skiddaw in the distance.
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