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Legburthwaite (nr Thirlmere), Fisherplace Gill waterfall, Brown Crag. Thirlspot, Cumbria.
[6.6 km] Tue 07 Sep 2021

OS Grid ref: NY 31778 18954
Lat/Long: 54.561088, -03.055122
The air pressure continued high and yesterday turned out to be the highest Aug pressure recorded. It didn’t make for good walking weather and I had an overcast drive to Legburthwaite near Thirlmere, Cumbria. The mountain tops were in cloud as I set off up past Stanah and on to the Sticks Pass trail. This is were I descended last week and a very steep and uncomfortable descent it was.
Climbing up wasn’t a problem as there was less chance of slipping. In front of me was a mountain biker wheeling his bike up between the steep ferns. As I walked past I told him I admired his dedication to his sport. According to the maps the only path in the area is the path I’m on but Wainwright’s book mentions a route up Stanah Gill. As I walked up by by the fence I kept an eye out for any sign of a way but couldn’t see one. Wainwright mentioned a waterfall, which I could see up ahead. Maybe I’ll check it out on a future trip.
Looking up Stanah Gill.
I continued up to the stone sheepfold where the wind got up and I was soon in damp mist with no view. It felt quite cold so replaced my top jacket.The ground wasn’t too steep but as I continued the pain became more intense. I know I wouldn’t be able to continue upwards.
Higher up I began to look for a safe descent route down Sticks Gill. I was still in cloud and knew I was above the gill so began to descend the wet grass down to the running gill at the bottom. I found some shelter from the wind and decided to stop for a while and have my lunch sandwiches. I started my descent down Sticks Gill which ( needed to cross a few times to find the best route but it wasn’t too bad. Eventually I dropped below the cloud level and could see Thirlmere below.

Below Sticks Gill the river runs into Fisherplace Gill and above the south side was a nice footpath. Just before reaching a fence and gate I could see what looked like a dam and intake in the river. The path became steeper as I descended then reached the side of a tall and impressive waterfall. I continued steeply down through tall ferns then reached the main north south path back to Stanah. It was rather stony but mostly level. I reached the Sticks Gill path where I’d climbed earlier in the day and descended back down to my car.
Waterfall on Fisherplace Gill.

 View towards Skiddaw.
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