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Balsporran Cottages, Allt Choire Fhar, Geal-Charn, Highlands, Scotland.
[9.6 km] Sat 21 Aug 2021

OS Grid ref: NN 62671 79186
Lat/Long: 56.883839, -04.254070
The rain continued overnight but began to ease by morning. After breakfast the cloud level was still low and there was slight drizzle but I decided to start my walk as the forecast was for rain increasing. I set off around 06:30 and walked past Balsporran Cottages and over the level crossing.
I continue slowly up the track towards the low cloud base then crossed over a relatively new bridge which I think was being constructed the last time I was here in 2019. Continuing slowly upwards I crossed over a couple of newly constructed culverts then came to the parked tracked excavator that had put them in. The drizzle continued as I climbed upwards and into the mist but I did get some glimpses of the distant pass summit ahead. After a zig zag and long poles to mark the route in snow, but no snow today.
Machine on the track.
I reached near the pass summit & checked my Garmin GPS and found it had switched off. I have no idea how that could have happened. Before leaving the pass track I put my cape over my waterproofs as the rain was increasing. There was still quite a climb to go and I trudged up amongst the rocks and grass. I was part following my previous walks gps track but found a worn path along a similar route. However it drifted away and I had to cut across open ground to relocate the main ascent route. Near the summit there appeared to be 2 cairns so I headed for the right one which I think is the highest 410 m (1,350 ft).

 Geal-Charn summit cairn in the mist.
It was now quite windy and after taking a couple of photos I started down. There was no obvious path so I followed my gps route on screen. I was still in cloud with nothing to see but eventually I saw a cairn and stone shelter below and checked it out. It meant leaving the main path but continuing a bit further got my first view of the valley and A9 far below.
The descent was now quite steep and I needed to be very careful on the wet grass. It was safer going when I reached the stoned track and not far below met the first people of the day, a couple on their way up. I was relieved to reach the track Id used on the way up and continued down to Balsporran Cottage. I saw the lady coming out with her dog and asked if it was OK to photograph a sundial by the door.
The rain continued all afternoon and became quite heavy. Fortunately it hadnt rained too heavily on the walk. Geal-Charn turned out to be 917m (3,008ft) so Id done a Munro.

New bridge.

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