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Mungrisdale, Bowscale Tarn, Bowscale Fell, Bannerdale, Cumbria.
[10.6 km] Tue 13 Jul 2021

OS Grid ref: NY 36490 30015
Lat/Long: 54.661198, -02.986054
An overcast drive to the start of my walk from Mungrisdale. I parked on the grass verge south of the Village Hall and there was already a campervan there. I set off north past the Hall and up the overgrown path to the right, through the rickety gate and into the field to rejoin the road near the Church of St Kentigern. I stopped at the gate but didnít try and get in as each previous attempt it was locked. I carried on along the lane towards Bowscale and on the way a school bus passed and a few cars. One of the vehicles was driven by Steve Razzetti who was on the school run and sent me a message later saying heíd seen me. I didnít see him. In Bowscale I turned west up the unmade track towards Bowscale Tarn.
I saw some hydrant and air valve surface boxes but couldnít figure out where the supply would come from. Higher up I reached the tarn but there was no sign of an intake. It was still hazy as I set off up the steep path to the top of Tarn Crags. Before getting higher and into the wind I stopped for an early lunch. I noticed 3 figures walking up the track then taking a minor path up Drycomb Beck which took then over a ridge to the south side of Bowscale Tarn.
Church of St Kentigern.

 Walking up to Bowscale Tarn.

 Bowscale Tarn.
They were 3 young ladies and when they reached the shore they took a top layer off to their swimming costumes then all got in for a swim. I left them to it as I continued up to the summit stone shelter of Bowscale Fell. I had the whole place to myself as I continued over the top then descended towards Bannerdale Crags. I didnít go to the crags but turned left at the small stone marker post to start the main descent east along the north side of Bannerdale.
Bowscale Tarn.

 Bowscale Fell summit shelter stones.
There were a few people on the path. Half way down I stopped to scan the crag area with my binoculars. It is where the old mines are and I was able to identify the highest mine entrance by the tree just to the left of the entrance. The weather had now warmed up as I descended to the bridge over Bullfell Beck. Once on the stone slab path I was soon back in Mungrisdale where there were now plenty of people and cars about. I passed the Mill Inn and along the lane where a lot of cyclists were coming the other way. I turned down the path to the river and over the footbridge to return to my car.
Mill Inn at Mungrisdale.
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