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Wanthwaite Bridge, William's Beck, High Rigg, Woodcock Stone, Bridge House, Cumbria.
[11.8 km] Thu 24 Jun 2021

OS Grid ref: NY 31263 23073
Lat/Long: 54.598136, -03.065433

It was raining as I set off for my drive to return to Wanthwaite Bridge, St Johnís in the Vale. I left my car in the same layby as last week and walked up the narrow lane to Yew Tree Farm. I wanted to speak to the farmer about the Memorial Stone above the Youth Centre by the Church. I had a look in the farmyard but there was nobody around.
St John's in the Vale Church.
As I continued up the lane I saw the farmer by a gate. I asked him if he knew anything about the Memorial Stone to David Gerald Pennycook age 10. He knew the stone and had lived here all his life of 70years but didnít know anything about the lad. He thought he may have been connected with the Youth Centre by the Church. The farmer is called Derwent Teesdale and he told me that Roland Kitching at Dale Bottom Farm may know as he is around 80 and lived in a house adjacent to the caravan & camping farm.
Youth Centre by the Church.
I thanked him and continued up to St Johns in the Vale Church and to the Youth Centre where there was a lot of activity. I spoke to a couple of young men who were by some vehicles and trailers loaded with canoes. They said they were off canoeing on Derwent Water. I continued through the gate and along the stony track. Some youngsters were coming up the hill with backpack rucksacks on their backs. Further down the track I turned left onto the old green track heading due south. It actually was a nice green track with a seat to admire the view part way along.

 Back packers on the track.

 Moody lighting.
The weather was overcast and a bit gloomy but pleasant walking with little wind. At the tarmac I reached Piper House and should have taken a faint path to the left but I missed it and overshot, not realising my mistake until I reached Williamís Beck. I returned and managed to find the path in the deep ferns. A reached the beck again at a higher level where a small water cistern was enclosed in the bank. It looked like the water supply to the cottages below. I crossed Williamís Beck and found a path heading steeply up the hillside. I was hoping to find the location of an old camp from 17 Dec 2004 and had put the coordinates into my gps.
Further up I had to leave the path and head through deep wet ferns. The location Iíd put in coincided with one of my waypoints and was obscured. I walked up throgh more wet ferns and overshot. When I realised my mistake I descended back down to find what I thought was the camp location, but it wasnít. I returned up the hill to regain the path and headed south over High Rigg to the gate in the wall.
Gloomy weather for my lunch stop.
Passing through I soon left the path to head west through more wet ferns. My next objective is the ďWoodcock StoneĒ which is shown on the map near a track. The route was just visible though more deep ferns descending below Yew Crag. The Stone was visible below and took a short detour to have a look. Below I reached a gate taking me onto the busy A591. I followed the verge until I reached the path near Legburthwaite.
Woodcock Stone.
I was on top of an artificial embank

 Sosgill Bridge
The path follows the bottom of the east side of High Raise. Passing Low Bridge End Farm and its garden cafe I noticed some people having drinks. I saw a few people on the path as I continued north to rejoin the St Johnís Church road. I turned right then soon left the road to take the path steeply down to Bridge House then followed the track to the short length of path by the river that took me back to my car.
Bridge House.
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