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Lochan Earba, Pitridh Burn, Creag Pitridh summit, Moy Burn, Scotland.
[23.7 km] Sat 05 Jun 2021

OS Grid ref: NN 43294 83044
Lat/Long: 56.912325, -4.574166

With a long walk ahead I set off at 05:30am to follow the main track back to Loch Earba. At the bridge works I headed out to the loch sands to walk across the the continuing track. I turned right to follow the track up by Pitridh Burn and was pleased the track was in good condition making the going steady.

The dismantled bridge..

 Loch Earba.
Just before the top of the pass I came to the minor branch track heading north towards Creag Pitridh which I could see in the distance. The weather had improved and it was comfortable walking without a jacket.

I continued north then turned off the path to head for the mountain at I point that seemed the most efficient. I hadnt been going long when I came across a path not marked on the map. It headed diagonally up the east side to take me to the flatish summit area of Creag Pitridh and cairn. The map shows it as 924m and my Garmin gps showed 925.3m.

Creag Pitridh summit cairn. 924m
I was fortunate with the weather and the views were great. My planned pathless descent to the NE looked a bit precarious so I decided to retrace the way Id come up and rejoin the path down towards Moy Burn. It was variable going with some bits having been constructed above the surrounding ground and some boggy heather. At Moy Burn the path vanished for a while and eventually reappeared near the bottom. I checked out a cairn of a large boulder which seemed out of place and nothing of significance nearby.

 Walking back along the loch.
I joined the track along the south side of Loch Earba and stopped half way along to watch the climbers on the south-east face of Binnein Shuas and the Ardverikie Wall 150m (550ft) Hard Severe climb.

Discarded farm machinery.

Bikes used by the rock climbers.
I reached the bridge replacement and re-crossed the sands to continue my descent back to the car. I was back just before 1pm so decided to drive straight back home.
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