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Binnein Shuas via climbers path, Scotland.
[16.1 km] Fri 04 Jun 2021

OS Grid ref: NN 43294 83044
Lat/Long: 56.912325, -4.574166

Being much further north it was very light early. I was on my way by 6 a.m. but just before I started a car arrived and parked up. I set off and crossed the river Sean and stopped to take a photo. The driver of the car I saw was a walker and overtook me on the trail towards the lock. It was fine weather as I continued along the track. I soon caught him up and we chatted as we walked. I told him of the bridge closure and diversion but he was turning right at the reservoir so wasn't affected.

Some morning sunshine

Steel for the new bridge

The old bridge.
I continued on to the bridge works I saw two weeks ago. At the bridge where the river enters the Loch the superstructure had been removed but the two RSJs were still in place. Down to the right was another girder carrying the power cable. The machine and equipment was still on site but I didn't need to cross as the next part of my route is the west side of the Loch. There is a small path heading up the east side of Binnein Shuas towards the Ardvreckie wall climbing area.

 Loch Earba
I followed the path which is initially shown on the online map. It seemed reasonably well used and took me steadily up the mountain. Eventually I reached the rock climbing area and followed the path a little further & higher up above was a bird of prey making a lot of squawking sounds presumably protecting its nest.
I was a bit concerned about being attacked by it so turned around and reversed the path to where I'd seen a cave higher up. The cave interior was quite open and could have been used for a camp but there is no water nearby.

Looking out from the cave.

 Summit view
There was another path heading west steeply up the gully and looked like it was heading for the summit. I continued up and found it quite easy though steep. Eventually it turned right and crossed the summit plateau area where I had a good view of the summit peak. The wind was getting up but the weather was still mostly clear. On the summit I stopped briefly by the Cairn and checked the mortar I'd left two weeks ago to mark the point where John's ashes are. I took a few photos of the view but as the wind was very strong I decided to head straight down.


With good views The Descent was relatively easy & I continued down to revisit the bridge area where the men were at work. They had cleared out the west abutment and we're in the process of putting concrete in. I spoke to the same yorkshireman I saw two weeks ago. The river under the bridge ran into the loch and widened considerably and not far away it was very shallow and I was able to step across without problems. Some cyclists turned up but they'd missed the diversion and I told them that was a good thing as they were at the best place to cross the river. . I then began my return walk down the track back to the car.

 Cyclists crossing the Loch inlet.

 River Spean.
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