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Threlkeld, Threlkeld Knotts ancient settlement, Clough Head, Wanthwaite, Cumbria.
[10.8 km]  Tue 18 May 2021

OS Grid ref: NY 31629 24994
Lat/Long: 54.615451, -3.060231
Torrential rain on the M6 motorway between Lancaster and Shap was grim driving but cleared after that. I reached the same layby as last week near Threlkeld and got there before the crowds arrived. I set off into Threlkeld and turned right at the Church to head across the fields to cross the A66 and more fields to Mill Bridge. I crossed the bridge and followed the road up over the railway route and on to ‘Newsham’ where the road ends. There is an indistinct path continuing up the fellside to a gate. Turning left is a path heading up to the Old Coach Road but I headed straight through to find a minor path to the SW.

 Looking towards Blencathra.
I climbed up to a flat area where I found my first objective of some ancient walls, huts and enclosures. Some walls were quite thick though now only at ground level. I couldn't find much on-line and they seem to be Bronze age huts (2000-700bc). There was a large boulder with a pool of what looked like stagnant water. An old map shows it as a spring. I saw a quad bike track heading up the hillside and followed it. After a while it faded to a sheep track but took me easily up to the Old Coach Road.
Ancient walls.
At the high poi

Ancient walls

The disscoloured pring is shown an old OS map
I I turned left then as far as the fence at Hausewell Brow. There is a steep path from here up to the summit of Clough Head. I came down it a few weeks ago and commented how difficult a descent it was. I usually find steep trails like this aren't too bad when climbing them. I set a steady pace and found it OK. The weather had improved a bit and I had good views. There was nobody around but I could see people coming up from White Pike.

 Clough Head trig post.

 View from the descent.

 Looking down on the paraglider taking off.
I didn’t stop at the summit trig post but continued over the top to descend towards Bennesty Knotts. The path turns round to the right to descend a diagonal route down Red Screes. Its not too steep and wasn’t a problem. Below I could see a paraglider sorting his parachute then launching himself into space. When I approached the spot where he’s taken off there was another man setting out his equipment. We chatted a while then he also launched himself into space.
Paraglider prepares his equipment.
They were soon high up at the level of Clough head. As I descended towards Wanthwaite I saw a few walkers coming up then once back on the Old Coach Road I met a man also walking up but he stopped to chat for a while. He was a friend of one of the paragliders and said he would be picking him up once he’s landed.
The 2 paragliders.
I reached the B5322, turned right to head north and continued to the A66. After turning left and following the grass verge I took a path over a stile and up to the road just above my car.

 The earlier empty parking area is now full.

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