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Lamb Bridge, Wallthwaite, Barbaryrigg Moss, Rowantree Fold, Clough Head, River Glenderamackin, Guardhouse, Cumbria..
[18.1 km]  Tue 27 Apr 2021

OS Grid ref: NY 35380 26767
Lat/Long: 54.6318770, -3.0025450

The weather forecast was for some rain during the morning and heavier in the afternoon. I set off driving North along the motorway just after 6 a.m. and north of Lancaster very heavy rain began to fall. It had stopped by Penrith where I turned west along the A66 towards Scales and down the hill to Lamb Bridge. This is off the main route and gave me a quiet lane to park the car. It continued overcast weather as I set off south to walk through Wallthwaite and then along the lane to Lobbs.
Sign at Lobbs.
I was here last week but took the route through the fields & lots of lambs. I was apprehensive about walking across Threlkeld Common as I did last week but now had a better idea of the best route. Heading south towards the gate by the plantation the marker post takes the path off across wet ground. The best way is through the gate to regain the correct path further south. The worst part last week was Sandbed Moss and today I headed across Barbaryrigg Moss instead which is a bit dryer and has a faint track to follow.
Old sheepfold.
At the Old Coach Road I turned right then soon left Up Mosedale Beck towards Rowantree Fold. keeping higher up the hillside I managed to avoid the wettest ground and reached the stone sheepfold where I stopped to have my sandwiches. Further up I hopped across the river and continued up the path by the fence to Calfhow Pike
Mosedale Beck.

 Rowantree Fold.

 Rowantree Fold taken on my descent last week.

 Clough Head summit trig post.
I didnít go to the actual minor pike but turned right to take the main straight path up to Clough Head. I was puzzled that I hadnít seen anyone yet and looking around there was no sign of anybody. It was still overcast but little wind. At the summit trig post I kept the same line to head NE. I saw the first person of the day as a man came up the path. Instead of descending via White Pike I decided to try a path I hadnít been on before. It takes a more direct route down to the Old Coach Road and I hadnít been going long before I started to have doubts. It was steeply down and getting steeper. I had to be very careful when on the grass and walking on the gravel could have been dangerous. It's OK for a climb up but definitely no way down.

 West view from Clough Head.

 Mountain names from PeakFinder website.

I was relieved to reach the track at the bottom to cross over and pick the best route I could find through the rushes to find a defined path down to Newsham where I reached the tarmac. Further down I reached the River Glenderamackin, crossed the bridge and turned right to follow the path along the riverside. There were several dog walkers along the path, many carrying a swinging bag of dog muck.

Route of the old Railway.
 I crossed Guardhouse bridge and assumed the adjacent buildings were named after Roman remains. Checking the old maps didnít reveal anything. I took the path across the fields to rejoin the road then back into the fields to Wallthwaite. I was now back on my original route and soon back at my car. There were a few spots of rain over the last km and more rain soon after getting back to the car.
My next objective is Great Dodd
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