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Mungrisdale, Mousethwaite Comb, White Horse Bent, Bannerdale Crags, Bowscale Fell, Bullfell Beck, Cumbria..
[12.5 km]  Mon 05 Apr 2021

OS Grid ref: NY 36489 30016
Lat/Long: 54.661112, -2.984685
Easter Monday 5th April 2021

After months of
It was amazing how quiet the motorway was as I drove north to Cumbria. I reached Mungrisdale and parked on the grass verge. It had been windy on the drive with a cold north wind. There had also been light flurries of snow. I set off south to cross the River Glenderamckin by a wooden Footbridge to the lane along the east side of Souther Fell. There was nobody about as I wandered along in the cold sunshine. The sky was clear and I had lovely views of the Pennines to the east where I could see Cross Fell and the Radar Domes on Dun Fell. Part way along the lane when there were many sheep and young lambs in the fields. I stopped by a gate to photograph a lamb that had just been born.
River Glenderamakin and first time over this bridge.

Along the lane


 The old railway viaduct.

There are several gates along this stretch of road and at the last I turned right to head up the south side of of Souther Fell. It was a lovely green track for a while and then vanished into a narrow path along the the fellside above Mousethwait Comb. I'd had the place to myself until now but I was approaching Blencathra and could see many people on the ascent paths. At the head of the the comb I descended to the River Glenderamackin to cross the wooden footbridge. The wind was very strong as I descended. I needed to take extra care as there were ice patches on the path.
Glenderamakin to Atkinson Pike.
At the bottom I headed straight up White Horse Bent to start the steep climb. It was excellent going under foot and as I climbed and there was a little snow on the ground. Although very windy and cold it was pleasant in the morning sunshine and eventually I reached the cairn at the head of Bannerdale. There was a group of people already there and as I approached they continued their walk towards Bowscale Fell. I stopped to take in the view and looked down along the impressive east ridge of Bannerdale.
Sharp Edge

 Bannerdale to Blencathra & Atkinson Pike.
I continued along the edge of of Bannerdale walking away from the cliff face as the wind was extremely strong. The views down into the valley were also very impressive. Up ahead I had a clear view of Bowscale Fell and the shelter stone cairn. It didn't take too long to reach it and the group of walkers I'd seen earlier arrived around the same time. I turned off to the east descending steeply down the fell towards Bullfell Beck. There is no path but as I lost height I found shelter from the wind and the walking was extremely pleasant.
Bullfell Beck.
It wasn't long before I had a clear view of the valley below and the distant Pennines on the horizon. Just at the start of the steepest descent I found a flat spot that was just big enough for a tent but unfortunately no water nearby. I continued down and crossed the infant river to investigate some rock outcrops on the far side of the valley. I was pleasantly surprised to find an old sheepfold constructed against a low rockface. The views were very impressive and water wasn't far away so it may be a good camp spot for the future.


Old Water Intake Building.

 Icycles by the Water Intake Building.
I continued down to the river and crossed over to to reach a minor path I've been on before. Further along it changes to a narrow track and then then reaches the old Concrete Water Intake building. I don't know if it's still used but a large volume of water was gushing out from underneath. This is probably the main spring coming from the mountain side. There were some nice patches of ice covered rushes by the small waterfall. I carried on easily down the track then turned right along a minor path to reach the main path on the north side of the River Glenderamackin. I reached the path covered by large stone slabs which are a diversion for the path that was washed away by the river. As I reached the gate a lady came through walking her dog and asked about the mountains we could see up a head. She was interested in Bannerdale and the east ridge but I suggested today wasn't the time to climb it due to the wind. I continued to the road and back to my car.
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