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Seathwaite, Stockley Bridge, Sty head, Lambfoot Dub, Cumbria. Last camp of 2019.
[6.2 km]  Wed 31 Dec 2019

Lat/Long: 54.500461, -03.181727
OS Grid ref:
NY 23568 12325
I left home shortly after 06:30am to drive north to Cumbria. The plan is to camp near Lambfoot Dub above Borrowdale to see in the New Year. I was a little later than usual and I noticed the difference as I approached Tebay and the wind sock to the left of the motorway. At this time of year itís too dark to see but I could just see it hanging vertically as I drove past. As I drove towards Keswick the weather was cleared and by the time I reached the start of my walk at Seathwaite the sun was shining on the summits. It was 08:35am when I arrived and I was surprised to see all the parking spaces along the lane were taken. The good weather forecast must have brought all the walkers out. As I'm parking overnight I'd already decided to park in the farmer's field for the extortionate charge of £8. There was just one van there and a single tent at the far end of the field. I parked by the wall and got my gear ready.
The temperature was around freezing so I made sure my boot ice studs were at the top of my pack if needed. I put £8 in the pay box and set off around 9:30am. Although it was a clear blue sky with sun on the high ground it was still shade in the valley and would probably stay that way all day. There were lots of walker on the trail as I walked between the Seathwaite buildings and up the stony track to Stockley Bridge. I stopped by the bridge for a few moments to take a photo.
My pack at Stockley Bridge.
Two young men passed and asked if they could get to Great Gable this way. I told them to continue to the Styhead Pass stretcher box and turn right. I continued up the steep stepped track to the start of the valley and the flatter section. At the wooded footbridge I crossed and found a rock away from the track and sit to eat my butties. Looking along the path I counted 20people on the way up. I continued up to the Stretcher Box and turned left to head across frozen ground towards the turn off to the Corridor Route. I was still in shade but still had blue sky above. The first part of the Corridor Route is a descent across some rock slabs then a steady climb with the occasional steep bit.

Heading up the corridor route.
The path was being well used by people heading for Scafell Pike. I continued to the point where I needed to turn off to the left and the steep grassy climb towards Lambfoot Dub (the small tarn). The calm conditions on the climb had now turned quite windy so I pitched the tent at the spot where I first pitched here many years ago where there was a bit of shelter from the wind.
Some goodies that Santa left.

Great Gable in the distance.

Looking down into Wasdale.

Santa also left some cake.
Great Gable was bathed in Winter sunshine but there was none at the camp. There were many people on the summit and also the path from Styhead Pass. Later in the evening the cloud rolled in and the wind increased. At midnight there was nothing to see as the calendar rolled over to a New Year.
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