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Threlkeld, Glenderaterra Beck, Burnt Horse, Lonscale Fell, Wescoe, Cumbria.
[16.1 km]  Wed 27 Nov 2019

Lat/Long: 54.620946, -03.057037
OS Grid ref:
NY 31844 25603
I reached the deserted car park above Threlkeld and set off walking up the lane towards the Blencathra Centre. The weather was gloomy but I could still see some of the surrounding hill summits. I reached the entrance to the Centre where a sign described some of the schemes linked to it. I wandered between the carious buildings but didnít see a single person or any sign of life. It was interesting to see a sign saying ĎMountain Spring Water Ė Fill your bottle up hereí with a tap below it.

Entrance to Blencathra Centre

One of many Blencathra buildings

Mountain Spring Water and tap
I turned it and water came out. At the last building I followed a narrow path down through a field and by some woods to a narrow lane. I turned right here and headed up a muddy track towards Glenderaterra Beck. It continued up the valley to a group of ruined mine buildings on the far side of the river. It appears that the track would originally have crossed by a bridge that is now long gone.
Looking back down the valley

Presumably the generator water supply

Water intake building for generators
I stayed on the same side of the river and followed a faint path to a stone building which appears to be part of the water intake to a power generating project connected with the Blencathra Centre. As I continued up the valley I saw more remains of old lead mine workings. At the main track I continued up towards Skiddaw House but stopped at the gate before the final approach. Here I turned left to follow the path by the wall up to Burn Horse ridge.
Looking back down Burnt Horse Ridge
The hazy views opened up as I got higher. As I looked down into the valley below I could see even more ruins from previous mining works including a terrace of cottages. When I reached the high cove I took a line up the gully opposite to reach Lonscale Fell summit. On previous visits Iíve used the main path along the ridge to the SE. This time I decided to try a minor path Iíve not used before that descends almost due south. All went well until the path was supposed to turn SE but vanished completely. I decided to take the direct and steep route down to the main path below.
Lonscale Fell summit cairn

Derwentwater from the descent of Lonscale Fell

Looking across Latrigg
I turned right to continue to the car park at the top of the Applethwaite Road. I turned left to follow the muddy track to the east which descended steadily towards Brundholme. I was surprised to see a lot of people walking up the track towards me. When I reached the narrow lane the road to the right (towards Keswick) had a road closed sign across it.
Rebuilding the bridge over the Greta
I turned left to head down to the valley bottom where the Glenderatarra Beck meets the River Greta. There was a construction site by the road where the old railway bridge over the Greta was being rebuilt to re-connect the footpath. I continued up the narrow lane to Wescoe. Itís the first time Iíve been on this road. I followed it back to Threlkeld, the car park and my car.

Bridge repairs

Looking back up Lonscale Fell
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