Return to Whittle Wanderer

Loweswater, Carling Knott, Blake Fell, Gavel Fell, High Nook Farm, Cumbria.
[10.4 km]  Thu 01 Aug 2019

Lat/Long: 54.577105, -03.340497
OS Grid ref: NY 13449 21037
The weather forecast was variable with showers late morning for Northern Cumbria. It was quite warm as I drove north along the M6 to Penrith where I turned off west and returned to the small car park at Maggie's Bridge near Loweswater. My plan is to walk up Carling Knott which is a route I did way back in March 2007 but then it was from the other direction as I descended to Holme Beck.

By Loweswater
I set off in misty and overcast weather along the track to Loweswater and Watergate Farm. Immediately through the gate is a narrow path heading diagonally up through Holme Wood. It is a very pleasant climb steeply up to the high track at home Beck. This track is one of the popular walking routes around Loweswater.

Holme Wood

Possible sheep shelter
Open Street map calls it the Corpse Road but the Ordnance Survey map doesn’t. I followed it a short way towards Holme Back where I turned left to head up the north west flank of Carling Knott. There is no defined footpath here but I soon found a quad bike track which took me up to a gate in the fence.
Carling Knott shelter
Through the gate I followed the fence steeply upwards and then onto the open fell to reach the lower summit at 519 m. Nearby was a depression in the hillside and an old wall which could have been a sheep shelter. There was a small cairn but up ahead I could see a higher point where there was a substantial stone shelter. It was very well constructed and must have been there a long time

Grasmoor and Mellbreak
Up ahead I could see Blake fell which was my next objective. The path was excellent and so were the views. I had rocky outcrops to my left and I found shelter from the wind behind one to have my sandwiches. It was extremely enjoyable with superb views of Mellbreak and all the fells behind. The path crossed a boggy area and then up to a high fence with a style that couldn't be used due to one side having deteriorated. There is a path which diverts away from the summit but I decided to climb the fence and up to Blake Fell shelter stones.
Blake Fell shelter
Although I was here last week this time there were better views as the weather had cleared a bit since leaving the car. I started my descent down to Fothergill Head and then follow the path up to Gavel Fell towards the summit. On the way I passed a couple of stone marker posts but close inspection didn't reveal any inscriptions, however they are on the boundary line. I was now following the route of a walk I did in April 2018 and once over Gavel Fell summit turn left and climbed the fence to cross a flat boggy area then a steep descent and easy descent until I reach the line of an old track which I followed along the contour north.

On the track above Whiteoak Beck looking towards Loweswater Fell
After the first section of track it became much easier and extremely pleasant walking especially with the views of the fells ahead. As I approached High Nook Tarn I saw the first people of the day. Up to my left where a couple climbing up the route I'd been on last week and ahead I could see walkers on the path heading to the east of Carling Knott.
Looking back up the track to Hen Comb

Working on the bank last week

Embankment completed
I followed the main track down and through High Nook farm-yard just below is the repaired bridge I stopped at last week to watch the workmen setting boulders into the bank side. I was now able to see the results of their work which looked quite good and the spot where the machine was had been top-soiled and tidied up. It was then a short walk down the track to Maggie's Bridge car park and my car. It is a shame that the donation box for the car park is not sign posted as I'm sure people would make a donation if they knew it was there.