Return to Whittle Wanderer

Loweswater, Iredale Place, Blake Fell, Fothergill Head, Black Crag, High Nook Farm, Cumbria.
[11.9 km]  Tue 23 Jul 2019

Whiteside and Grasmoor looking dramatic.
Lat/Long: 54.577202, -03.340444
OS Grid ref: NY 13452 21048
The forecast heatwave hadnít arrived as I drove north up the M6 and then west to Loweswater. I drove down the very narrow lane to the small car park at Maggie's Bridge. There was an overnight campervan there but I was the first arrival of the day at 08:10 a.m. It was still overcast and the warmth hasn't arrived as I set off west along the track towards wards Watergate Farm by Loweswater. I stopped briefly to take a picture by the picturesque tree that I have used as foreground in the past. Unfortunately the poor light didn't make for a good image but I tried anyway.


Dramatic Grasmoor
Further along the track through the woods is a stone cabin which presumably is rented out as a holiday retreat. Adjacent to it was a motorhome with a family there. A small girl came out with her father then ran up and back along the path. The track continued to Hudson Place where turned left through a gate and headed up through fields to Jenkinson Place and along the road to Iredale Place. Through a gate I followed the track up the hill to the reservoir compound which looked like it had had new dry stone walls built.
Water reservoir compound

Whiteside and Grasmoor from Burnbank Fell
Further up the track heads south to start the climb up towards Burnbank Fell. The track is not very clear after it reaches a gate and the main way follows the contour back along to the southeast. I followed the wall steeply up and then crossed over to a steep fence line with no path. After the steep climb I join a higher path and was soon onto Burnbank Fell and open fell side. The weather was still cloudy with distant haze so I was unable to see out to the Solway. I reach the first high point where the fence turns left and heads south.
Blake Fell summit cairn
It was rather windy as I followed it towards Blake Fell in the distance where I could see it was just below the cloud level. On the final steep approach I stopped to have my sandwiches. A couple came up behind, heading for the same summit. I continued my walk and they were still there when I arrived at the stone shelter on Blake Fell. I started my descent to the south and in the distance could see Gavel Fell which my original plan was to climb over.
Old gate post as marker stone
As I descended down to Fotherhill Head and the low point I decided to amend my route and head east and across a buggy area and on to Black Crag. This is the first mountain outing for my new Zamberlan leather boots which I've been slowly breaking in on short local walks at home. They are now supple enough to take on the high fells and the boggy ground was a good testing area for their water tightness. Got across the wet bit and continued east over rough heather and eventually reach the main path. It was now easy walking heading northeast towards Black Craig.
Zamberlan boots first time on the fells

Descending Black Crag
The cloud has gone and it was a lovely warm sunny day but still a little hazy. I did have great views of Mellbreak, Grasmoor and all the fells around. On black Crag there is a good descent path steeply down with an excellent view of the unnamed Tarn below. There is no name on the OS maps but Wainwrights Book calls it High Nook Tarn.
Looking down to High Nook Tarn

Repaired bridge below High Nook Farm

Highnook Beck
The path soon joins an old track which descends down to High Nook Farm and through the farmyard where I reached the bridge that was washed away in the floods a few years ago. It has now been rebuilt and some men and a large machine were working to move large boulders into the river bed to help stabilize the river bank. It was then a short walk down the farm track back to Maggie's Bridge and my car. Thankfully this small car park has not been polluted with the hideously overpriced parking meters though there is a donation box. I think that the £2 I donated is about right for a remote location like this.