Return to Whittle Wanderer

Menstrie, Colsnaur Hill, Scotland.
[13. km]  Thu 04 Jul 2019

Lat/Long: 56.152274, -03.853303
OS Grid ref: NS 84971 97057
I drove via the M6, M74 and M9 where I left at junction 10 to pass Stirling to the north and on to Menstrie where I parked outside the Scout Hut as it was the only parking place I could find. I set off walking east along the narrow lane towards Balquharn where there is a path heading up the hillside but I wasn’t sure how to get to it. There is the Marshall Plant Depot there and it looks like the access to the path is through their yard.

Bonded Warehouses
As I approached I kept an eye on the fence on the left to see if I could take a short cut before reaching the yard. I found a weak spot in the fence where I could climb over and then through the field to join the path by a gate by the east side of the Depot boundary. The gate wasn’t locked so I probably could have got access through the yard. I followed the path up the hillside by Balquharn Glen. The weather was overcast but the forecast said it wouldn’t rain. The climb continued quite steeply up the hill but for a while I was following a quad bike track which helped.

Distance view of the Forth Bridges, there are three.
I joined the ridge up to Colsnaur Hill and followed the fence line upwards. At the summit there are good views all around and I could even see the Forth Bridges. It was quite windy but fortunately by the cairn is an old quarry which would have been for getting stone for the walls. The quarry was small but gave good shelter from the wind. I continued north following a faint path towards Menstrie Moss where I turned left to an un-named summit.
Colsnaur cairn

Small quarry on the summit
I then turned left again to head rough south to start my descent. There wasn’t much of a path to follow and as I descended the rain started. I reached a forestry track and followed it for a while before leaving it and go through a gate to descend through a plantation area. The route shown on the map doesn’t exist and I had to find the best way I could down to the next forestry track. The rest of my walk would be on this track but there was still a way to go and some ups and downs. Up ahead I could see someone walking up ahead. It was woman and I caught here up about a km later. She’s stopped to take a photo so I said hello and continued..
I got to the main plantation gate I saw she was only just behind me so we continued walking down together. She had originally planned to walk higher but the rain put her off. She was local to Menstrie and said her grandfather had helped build the cairn on nearby Dumyat to the west. It was a winding track all the way back to the village and thankfully my car was nearby. We said goodbye as she headed off the other way.
Broomhall castle seen on the descent