Return to Whittle Wanderer

Stonethwaite, Langstrath, Angle Tarn, Stake Pass, Cumbria.
[19.0 km]  Thu 20 Jun 2019

Lat/Long: 54.515065, -03.143941
OS Grid ref: NY 26041 13909
It was raining when I left home but it had stopped as I approached Cumbria. I reached the small roadside parking area near Stonethwaite shortly before 8 a.m. It was overcast but the forecast was for clearing skies around 10 a.m. I set off south along the road and walked along the path on the west side of Langstrath. I could tell there have been previous rain but it was much drier than usual along this stretch.

Langstrath waterfall
 It is renowned for large areas of waterlogged ground. I reached the bridge at the base of stake pass but stayed on the west side of Langstrath to head up towards Angle Tarn. It is several years since I have been in this part of the valley. The weather was definitely improving but not as good as the forecast. Occasional patches of sunshine broke through to cover the valley sides in dappled light. It was quite wet underfoot higher up the valley and then I reached the start of the climb where the path is extremely indistinct and I crossed over the Angletarn Gill a couple of times before I found the main path high up.
Langstrath sheepfold
 It was a pleasant climb but I continue to be puzzled by a path shown in Allencrags Gill to the north. I have never tried to walk up it and certainly saw no sign of a path on my walk earlier. Higher up the path the going was pleasance over the grass and suddenly the main path by angle tarn is reached. It is very popular and is stoned steps both sides with large stone blocks to cross Angletarn Gill.  The Angle Tarn itself didn't look particularly attractive because there was no sunshine. I turned east to head out below Rossett Pike following a very rough and stony path along the north side of the fell. I reached Mansey Pike and had a nice view of Pike o Blisco.
Angle Tarn
I also stopped to visit the site of a previous camp a short way from the path. The stone slab I would have used to put the stove on was still in place. The clearing weather gave nice cloud scapes and I had nice views down into Langstrath. After a steep descent I reached a couple of small tarns before joining the main Stake Pass at its summit.
Near Stake pass summit
I photograph the summit cairn and set off down to the north. A couple were sat for a break shortly after and after exchanging greetings I continued down the main Stake Pass descent. Considering it's steepness it is very easy as there are many well engineered switchbacks making the gradient much less.
Stake pass summit cairn

Descending Stake Pass to Langstrath
At the bottom I cross the footbridge and headed back following the path on the east side of Langstrath which was fairly rough and difficult underfoot in places. I continued on to the next footbridge but stayed on the same side to join the Greenup Gill path at Smithymire Island. I was now the main path on the coast to coast route which I followed it back to the bridge and over the river back into Stonethwaite.
Returning along Langstrath