Return to Whittle Wanderer

Stonethwaite, Dock Tarn, Coldbarrow Fell, Ullscarf, Lining Crag, Greenup Gill, Cumbria.
[13.5 km]  Wed 05 Jun 2019

Lat/Long: 54.515084, -03.143942
OS Grid ref: NY 26041 13911
Lots of rain was forecast for Northern Ireland and Scotland and patchy rain across the North of England. It was overcast as I drove to Stonethwaite at the south end of Borrowdale and as I parked in the lane the rain started. I put on all my waterproofs and headed along the lane into Stonethwaite Hamlet.

et and
gloomy Stonethwaite
I turned left at the telephone box down the walled track to the footbridge over Stonethwaite Beck. Once over I turned right and headed up the stony track for a short way until I reached the stone sheepfold. The track branches here and I followed the left route steeply up the grassy bank and then over a stile at a stone wall and into Huddleston's Shop Woods.

Huddleston's Shop woodland

Old stone hut

Viewpoint from the hut
There was an excellent stone stepped path to follow a winding route up by Willygrass Gill and up to Lingy End. It is an excellent climb and flattens off at the top to give a great view of the water cascading down the gill. The rain wasn't too heavy although yesterday it had rained a lot hence the wet surroundings. The path levelled for a while and I soon reached Dock Tarn. The main path continues to the west of the tarn and on to Watendlath.
Willygrass Gill
I stopped here to have my sandwiches then left the main path to turn east and head up towards Coldbarrow Fell. There is no path of any kind across the terrain and it was incredibly wet crossing the north inlet end of Dock Tarn. I climbed up over a high area and then had to pick my best way across a high flat area of bog and mire. I was relieved to get to the far side and start a steady climb up the grassy slope to Coldbarrow fell.
Dock Tarn
At the summit is a cairn where I joined the established path which continued south-east up High Saddle and then into the mist and rain as I walked over Ullscarf summit. There was a small cairn marking it but the top is relatively flat ground. I started my descent to the south where the path splits and I took the right fork heading towards Greenup Gill. I left it after a while to turn off slightly to the right and a more direct route towards Greenup Gill. The reason was I was following a path I'd walked 10 years earlier and I had the track on my Garmin GPS. I also passed the site of an old 2009 camp I'd used which was a superb viewpoints with good water nearby. Unfortunately there was no phone signal.
Low Saddle Cairn

Boulder to the south of Ullscarf

Remnants of a rainbow

From Lining Crag
As I descended below the cloud I could see down into Greenup Gill and the remnants of a rainbow. I reach the main path which was very busy with many walkers and some were doing the coast to coast route. I stopped briefly on Lining Craig which is a popular viewpoints to look down the gill and then started the steep stone step descent down to the flatter Gill bottom. There was lots of water around and I took it extremely steadily due to possible slippery stones. Once down to the valley bottom the going was quite easy and approaching Smithymire Island I decided to cross Greenup Gill by a wooden footbridge. It had been re-constructed as a memorial to the 21 year old Gordon Hallworth who died near here in 1939.
Memorial bridge
This Bridge was re-erected in memory of Gordon Hallworth, aged 21 years a devoted member of the Manchester University Mountaineering Club who during the night following 7th January 1939 died of exhaustion in this Dale notwithstanding the self-sacrifice assistance or his two companions and the strenuous efforts of a relief party of their friends. May 1939.

Memorial plate
On the other side I had to follow a path for a while to the next wooden footbridge where I crossed Langstrath Beck to reach the track back towards Stonethwaite. At the main campsite area the sign was there giving prices but there was nobody camping. I continued along the track were many walkers were coming up. I reached the telephone box I'd seen earlier. There is a good parking area here and no signs saying residents only. A short way along the tarmac road I returned to my car.

Langstrath Inn