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Causey Pike, Sail, Crag Hill, Outerside, Cumbria.
[12.3 km]  Thu 23 May 2019

Lat/Long: 54.584974, -03.188696
OS Grid ref: NY 23275 21736
It was clear and sunny but still felt chilly as I arrived at the start of my walk near Braithwaite Cumbria. The early sunshine soon vanished as high clouds rolled in as I set off up the minor path to Rowling End summit. It was an interesting climb with occasional rocky scrambles but gave lovely views of the valley below.

View from Rowling End
Over the summit the path levels out before heading up towards Causey Pike which has a very distinctive profile. The first part of the climb is a steep path but then becomes a more rocky scrambles with several routes available. It is an interesting ridge walk to the west as I continued towards Sale and the excellent zigzag path going over its summit. Over the top is a steady descent down to The Scar where I was able to get some shelter from the cold west wind.
Causey Pike

View down to Causey Pike

Trig post on Crag Hill

Trig post on Crag Hill
I stopped here to have my sandwiches before continuing up another steep rocky scramble to Crag Hill summit and the trig post. On the top there was high cloud but I still had excellent views all around. My plan was to follow the clifftop to the north but the map shows no path. The official route is to the west. I headed along my planned route which was easy and pleasant walking. As I continued a fell runner came up the other way. On the descent down to Coledale Hause the faint path becomes steeper but down to my rights was a grassy descent above Ell Crag. I'd noticed this on aerial photos earlier and it looked like an easy descent down the grassy hillside.
Sheep fold below Eel Crag
It turned out I was right and the faint path seemed better than a sheep track as if others had used the route. I reached a high valley with a sheepfold which would make an excellent campsite especially as a short way below is a clear spring issuing straight out of the hillside. The path continue down across a boggy area and then diagonally down a grassy bank where it became rather steep.
Force Crag Mine
At the bottom I crossed a stream and then had to negotiate an open area with no path of any kind. Fortunately the ground wasn't too steep and it was easy going. Eventually I joined one of the paths coming up from Force Crag mine area and was then on a well use path over Oughterside Summit. I could see the path ahead as I continued towards Stile End. There was a steep descent but I didnít continue on my planned route but turned to the right to a minor path which joined up with the main Stonycroft Ghyll path coming up from Stair. I met a man who was sitting waiting for a friend as he had his lunch. I stopped and chatted for a while then continued down as many others were walking up. The path was quite substantial and was probably originally here for the Miners. It continued round the base of the hill to bring me back to the road where Iíd left my car.

North view from Outerside