Return to Whittle Wanderer

Threlkeld, Scales Tarn, Blencathra (new trig point marker ring), Cumbria.
[11.8 km]  Thu 04 Apr 2019

Lat/Long: 54.620983, -03.057037
OS Grid ref: NY 31844 25607
I'd originally planned to do today's walk yesterday but the weather was so bad, rain, snow, wind & low cloud I decided to postpone it to today. The weather was reasonable on the drive north but on the final approach to Blencathra the summit was shrouded in cloud. I reached the car park in Threlkeld and was soon on my way heading through the gate by the car park and down the path by Kilnhow Beck to the road through the village of Threlkeld.

On the old A66
Once through the village I turned left up the minor road which soon reaches the line of the old A66. It is now just a minor lane that is the footpath and cycle trail but once carried all the traffic between Penrith and Keswick. It rejoiced the A66 for a while towards Scales where I left to follow the path up through Scales Green and up on to the fell. As I climbed the path I came to a mess of 25mm polyethylene pipes lying on the fell.
On the old road

The old A66

Unsightly pipes on the fell

Corroded old 1in iron pipe near the plastic pipes

East view of the A66
They looked very untidy so I decided to follow one up the hillside. It soon came to an open end and wasn't connected to anything. I traversed the fell to re-join the path up towards Mousethwaite Comb. I soon reached snow and had to take care as there was a long steep slope down to my right. I reached the pass ridge and continued over to follow the path above River Glenderamackin. It looked grim up ahead with a full covering of snow. There was little wind in the shelter of the mountain so everything had the peaceful silence caused by the snow. I reached the stone steps and put my ice studs on before proceeding up. The going was still easy but after reaching Scales Tarn I headed up the snow covered mountainside. The snow was soon fairly deep and I sunk in over my knees with each step. I was glad to reach the main path up the east side of Blencathra.

Scales Tarn

The new trig point market ring
I was now in cloud with no views and a whiteout. Up the zig zag stretch I reached the very windy summit plateau. Then on to the Trig Point marker ring which was surrounded with snow but the wind had kept it mostly clear. I looked nice and new, which it was. It replaced the original one which was stolen last year. I took a few photos and continued south west to follow the summit ridge in the whiteout.
Ordnance Survey Trigonometrical Stations

Along Blencathra summit
There were now a few people about as I continued and then on the descent I dipped below the cloud and could see Keswick below in the distance. The ground was still covered in snow and needed care. Some school parties were heading up slowly. Below the snow I still had to take extra care as there were small snowfields of steep wet slushy snow to cross. Once on the path it was easy going down to the top of Kilnhow Beck and the path down to the car park.