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Grange-in-Borowdale, Millican Dalton cave, Rosthwaite, Brund Fell, King's How, Cumbria.
[11.0 km]  Wed 06 Mar 2019

Lat/Long: 54.547122, -03.155446
OS Grid ref: NY 25355 17488

The weather forecast was bad but my planned walk was at a relatively low level so it wasn't a problem. I was planning to re-do a walk I did in 2009 but in the opposite direction. I reached Grange-in-Borrowdale in the rain and parked outside the church. I set off still in the Rain heading south along the farm track to Hollows Farm. This area is where there is a large campsite but no sign of campers today. I continued through the puddles until I came to the very wet track heading into the woods.

Millican Dalton's cave
I revisited a quarry in Northwood where 10 years ago I had photographed coloured markings on the rocks due to water seepage. I couldn't get to the same place as the ground was flooded. I continued through the woods and left the main path to head up a minor path under Castle Crag. I was here to revisit the cave where Millican Dalton spent many decades of summers making it his home. There was good shelter inside but the entrance area was as wet as the rain outside due to water running off the rock face above.
Millican Dalton's cave
I took a few photos inside as I had brought my tripod. I looked for the marking in writing that Millican had made on the rock face outside but couldn't see any evidence of it. There was a lot of more recent graffiti. I descended the wet track down to the main track which continued south on the west side of the River Derwent.  As expected the river was very high as there had been a lot of recent rain. I crossed at the picturesque stone bridge and follow the track into Rosthwaite. The car park at Rosthwaite is extremely expensive at 7.40 for the day. This would mean a decent mountain walk would have to be paid for at the full day rate.
Track down from the cave

Bridge over the River Derwent

Obscene parking charges
Over the bridge on the left was a camping barn (Dinah Hoggus Camping Barn) and a table and bench outside. The barn was locked so I sat at the bench to have my lunch. The track continued up past Hazel Bank and towards Birkett's Leap. Before reaching the summit I turned left to follow a track heading back to Grange in Borrowdale. I wasn't on it long before turning right up an indistinct track heading straight up the fell side towards Brund Fell. It was a steady climb but there was little to see with the cloud and rain. Near the high point I turned right towards Brund Fell and the short detour to the amusing name of Jopplety How. It is the highest point around and it is strange there is no summit cairn. I followed a very indistinct path off the summit heading across towards Kings How.
King Edward memorial on Kings How
It was extremely wet and when I got to the fence line and stile I had to make a wide detour as the area was underwater. I crossed Long Moss and the short steep climb up King's How. Just before the summit is a memorial set in the rock. I visited the top and here is another summit with no cairn but fortunately I had a reasonable view north across Derwentwater.
Towards Derwentwater
I followed a path continuing north to start my descent and found the first part quite steep and tricky on the wet grass. Further on a very steep descent down a gully was even more difficult as it had been upgraded to stone steps in the past and these were extremely slippery and difficult to negotiate on a descent. However they would be ideal to climb up. Part way down I met a couple coming up and the lady said she was dreading the descent for the same reason that I was. Thankfully at the bottom the next part of the descent was a more gentle slope on grass. The path continued extremely wet and when I reach the road the footpath the marrow and under water. Back at my car by the church I put some money in the donation box.

From King's How to Derwentwater