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Arncliffe, Monk's Road, Great Close Hill, Malham Tarn House. Yorkshire.
[14.4 km]  Wed 07 Nov 2018

Lat/Long: 54.143162, -02.108659
OS Grid ref: SD 92999 71931

Today's walk is in the Yorkshire Dales and the poor weather forecast proved accurate. I drove the Skipton route to Littondale and on to Arncliffe Village where I parked over the bridge by the Cowside Beck. I am repeating a walk I did on the 15th of August 2007. However the weather today is much different than the fine weather then. It was overcast and very low cloud as I set off in the drizzle. I put on my full waterproofs and started walking back the way I come over the bridge and to the Falcon Pub.

Falcon Pub

Tree today

Tree 15 Aug 2007

Telephone Exchange

Cowside Beck
I then headed off the road and along the track which is also the footpath. My first objective was to visit a tree which I saw on my last walk and had been planted to commemorate the centenary of the establishment of civil parishes’ 40th anniversary of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It was very strange that it didn't seem to have grown much in the intervening 11 years. The path headed up south along the stonewalled track but soon left through a narrow stile to the right. It was then a reasonably defined path heading steeply up the hill side and also known as Monk’s Road. It is good to know that this isn't a modern invention as it is also called this on the 1910 map.
Area boundary
It is a pity the visibility was bad as the views down into Cowside Beck would have been very impressive. It was a steady but easy climb and higher up the path levelled off to meander between limestone hills either side. I eventually reached Middle House which appeared out of the gloom and is an old deserted farm which I visited 11 years ago.

Middle House today

15 Aug 2007

Middle House today

15 Aug 2007
The roof is on and it is intact but all the windows and door are blocked as they were the last time. The outer barn was open and I was able to get some shelter from the rain. When I continued along track I passed through a couple of gates and then down across the field to the access road to Middle House Farm which is occupied. It was flat easy walking along the track but I soon left it to head off to the right and steeply up the grassy side of Great Close Hill. I climbed up into the low cloud so there was no view on the summit. It is relatively low at 465 m and is capped with a stone cairn which is large enough to have been made into a shelter area with a depression in the middle.
Great Close Hill Summit
I continued over the top in a north westerly direction and soon started to descend below the cloud where I had a good view of Malham Tarn below. I joined the lakeside road for a while then up into the woods to reach Malham Tarn House Field Centre. I walked through the Courtyard and out the other side to join the track and on to the west. I left the track to turn right through a gate and follow the path which is also the Pennine Way.
Malham Tarn House Fields Centre
It was very pleasant walking and heads north past a couple of agricultural buildings before descending gently down to reach the road. The Pennine Way continues north and heads over Fountains Fell but I continued along the road and down to Darnbrook Beck and the bridge. It was interesting to see the beck was completely dry.
Descending into Littondale
Over the bridge I climbed steeply up the road and over Nab End where the weather cleared briefly to give me a hazy view down towards Arncliffe. As I approached the car I stopped as two hardy cyclists came down the hill in the rain. Back at the car I changed and drove home via Stainforth, Gisburn and the M65.
Littondale ahead