Return to Whittle Wanderer

Liza Beck, Gasgale Gill, Coledale Hause, Sand Hill, Cumbria.
[19.4 km]  Wed 19 Sep 2018

Lat/Long: 54.575277, -03.302558
OS Grid ref:
NY 15897 20787
The forecast for Cumbria was strong winds and heavy rain later in the morning. The drive was uneventful and I arrived at the Lanthwaite car park near Crummock Water without incident. As I parked up I realised my planned walk up the west face of Grasmoor would not happen as the wind was bouncing the car like a bucking bronco.

Vandalised phone box
at Lanthwaite car park
Although cloud hadnít obscured the mountain the wind was way too strong so I decided to head up Gasgale Gill instead. I knew from previous experience that this would still be a windy valley walk but at least I wouldnít have too far to fall. Across the grassy area then over the wooden footbridge I crossed Liza Beck and turned right. The going was quite mixed with some flat footpath but other sections where short scrambles up shiny boot polished rock.
Liza Beck
Eventually I reached the wide valley bottom and the going was fine but very strong gusts of wind made it difficult at times. I knew I was going to have problems when some of the higher waterfalls were being blown vertically up into the air. The last part of the gill is a steep loose scree path up to Coledale Hause where I crossed over onto the flat grassy area. For a while the wind didnít seem as bad as down in the gill so I headed north with the intention of climbing to Hopegill Head and hopefully along the Whiteside Ridge. After leaving the flat grass the steep path climbs through scree and then levels off a bit. This is where things began to get tricky as the wind was coming in from the west with much increased intensity. I was blown over a couple of times and the third time I was blown over I was then blown along the ground sideways.

Coledale Hause
It was clearly obvious that it would be stupid to continue so I turned round to descend as safely as I could. When Iíd been blown over the 3rd time my hats had blown off but as it was one I'd found on the hills in Yorkshire I didn't feel too bad and I hope somebody finds it and is able to use it. I made a detour to avoid the loose screw and descend on the grass in case I was blown over again. I soon reached Coledale Hause and started by return down Gasgale Gill.
Grasmoor west face, but still very windy
    As the wind was much stronger than earlier it took a long time to pick my way down while trying to steady myself. Even as I reached the lower flat area it didn't become any easier and the final half mile to the footbridge was probably the most difficult stretch on the walk. I was continually stopping and crouching down as extremely strong wind gusts made it impossible to stand. Even at the footbridge where I crossed over the wind was still gusting fiercely and it was difficult walking across the grass area back to my car. It was very pleasant getting inside and shutting the door against the wind but the car continue to get a severe battering.