Return to Whittle Wanderer

Ullock Pike, Skiddaw, Bakestall, Cumbria.
[14.5 km]  Wed 12 Sep 2018

Lat/Long: 54.668108, -03.186255
OS Grid ref:
NY 23589 30983
My plan was to climb Skiddaw via Ullock Pike starting from the small layby on the lane to Uldale. I drove north along the main road from Keswick but as I approached the turn off at High Side I noticed a road closure sign. I ignored it and drove it short way up the lane to the lay-by car parking area where there was a coned off area but still enough room to park my car. As I prepared for my walk a builder’s truck arrived and I checked with the workmen if my car was ok parked and he said it was. I headed south back down the lane to the main road stopping briefly to photograph the interesting doorway of High Side farmhouse.

1668 on High Side Farm
There was no path on the road and it was quite busy with traffic but fortunately I didn't have far to reach Ravenstone Hotel where I turned left up a narrow footpath through the woods. Although I have walked along the Ullock Pike Ridge several times this is the first time I have climbed up on this path. It soon emerged from the Woodland and onto the steep open fellside. I soon reached the main Allerdale ramble path and turn South to follow it up the main Ridge.
Bassenthwaite from Ullock Pike
It was an easy and pleasant steady climb but unfortunately there was a lot of cloud down to a fairly low level. When I reach the main summit of Ullock Pike I was hoping for a view of Skiddaw to the east but all I could see was thick cloud. I pressed on and over Carl Side where I turned left to start the steep climb up the west scree of Skiddaw. I was soon in cloud and met a walker on the way up. I’d stopped for a while to check my gps and he carried on.
Ullock Pike ridge
I soon caught up with him at the summit ridge. It was thick cloud and he didn't seem to know where the main summit was. I turned north and signaled to him that this was the way. There wasn't far to go before the summit trig post appeared.
Skiddaw trig post
It was quite eroded round the base and before continuing north and the descent I made a short detour east to a patch of grass where I’d moved the ashes of my friend Val Robinson after they had been deposited on the summit about 10 years ago by her family. Obviously the Ashes were no longer visible but it was nice to know that the lush green moss and grass is her last resting place. The descent north was still in cloud and a steady path took me down to a flat area of grass.
Last resting place of Val Robinson

Looking towards Blencathra from Skiddaw
Following the fence line the path continued steeply down to Bakestall where I made a short detour to visit the cairn and views north where I had a good view of the northern hills. Following down the fence line to Birkett Edge I continued to the main Cumbria way track which is also the access route to Skiddaw House. The last bit was extremely wet as a lot of water was running off the fell side. I joined the track at Whitewater Dash waterfall and it was good to see the rivers are now starting to fill again after the summer drought.

North view from Bakestall
 There were a few walkers around but they were heading either up to Skiddaw House Youth Hostel or up the path towards Skiddaw. I continued down on my own and followed the track to the first gate where a vehicle came down the track from Skiddaw House and overtook me to go through the gate. I followed and continued to the main minor road at Peterhouse Farm where there is a small parking area. Turning left were the buildings of Tenter Hill which look quite dilapidated with many old vehicles parked around. I continued down the hill and Bridge where the road closure length starts from the north. I continued on foot and soon came to the workmen who were putting tarmac patches down. As I passed they were just sat in their truck. The clouds had partly cleared and I had picturesque views of the surrounding hills with patches of sunshine.