Return to Whittle Wanderer

Ochil Hills, Dollar, Whitewisp Hill, Bentie Knowe, Innerdownie, Glen Quey, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.
[14.5 km]  Fri 03 Aug 2018

Lat/Long: 56.175277, -03.672017
OS Grid ref: NS 96293 99329

The overnight rain had stopped but by morning it was still very misty. I decided to have my breakfast at the next parking spot so set off straight away to drive to Dollar. A narrow lane took me up to a car park below Gloom Hill where I stopped and cooked my breakfast. The weather continued very misty with cloud down to ground level. It would not make sense to set off up the hill in this bad visibility as the forecast was for clearing weather later on.

Castle Campbell at the start of my walk
I decided to use the time to walk down the narrow path in to Dollar Glen and up to Castle Campbell. The path was similar to yesterday's the Glenn with amazing sections of foot ways which were fabricated and bolted onto the adjacent rocks. The wooden staircases continued up the deep narrow valley and took me up to the entrance of the Castle. The castle is open to visitors but not till later on. I had a look at the entrance gates then returned down the road back to my car. I noticed a parking area higher up the lane so I moved my car there and started my walk. The first part was back down the narrow Road to the Castle entrance where I crossed over and headed up a narrow path through very wet ferns. I was now walking up the higher reaches of Dollar Glen and soon left the main path up Bank Hill to return to the river and into the lower reaches of Glen of Sorrow.
Waterfall below Burn of Sorrow
I followed the river for a short way then turn sharp right to cross it by a wooden bridge. Up ahead I was in thick mist and wading through very wet grass and rushes. Although I had gaiters on I had to put my waterproof leggings on otherwise my trousers would have been completely soaked. Even with that protection it didn't take long for the water to seep through my boots and soak my socks. It was rather disheartening on the climb up Saddle Hill as I was tramping through very wet ground with no path to follow. The online map I used to plot my room showed a route up this way but there was no sign of it on the ground. I had no choice but to continue up the very steep climb through thick cloud. Eventually I reached Saddle Hill and a very small stone cairn. The forecast of clearing weather began to take effect and as I headed north towards Whitewisp Hill I got reasonable views of the surrounding mountains.
Innerdownie in the distance
The summit area was relatively flat with a well-defined path. The summit was marked with a reasonable cairn and two paths branching off. The left was towards Tarmangie Hill but my way was right and due north towards Bentie Knowe. I had a clear view of my next summit almost 1 mile in the distance. The first part was a steady descent to a steep and tall stile over a deer fence then continuing down the grassy path. In the distance I saw three fell runners approaching and they soon passed me and headed off towards Whitewisp Hill. It had no dried up considerably with much better weather so I stopped to take off my waterproof trousers then my boots to ring out my socks before replacing them. Over Bentie Knowe I reached the summit of Innerdownie and its reasonably sized Cairn.
Innerdownie cairn
There was also a small quarry area which had the remains of an old stone shepherds shelter. Some patches of sunshine had broken through and I had a good view down to the east and Glennquey and the Reservoir. The views all around were extremely impressive making me want to come back and visit the mountains I can see. In the distance is Glen Eagles and further on the famous golf course. The path over the summit started to descend to the northeast which was a gentle gradient and excellent walking. The path started to descend much steeper until it reached a track where I turned at a sign post to head up Glenquay.

Glen Quay
It was a very pleasant glen to walk up and after a mile I reached the reservoir and continued along the track on the west side. The track is on the route of the Old Drove Road and as I continued the weather improved. The sunshine made Glenquay look extremely attractive as I continued southwest climbing gently along the narrowing footpath. To my left where pine trees where the map showed a point call Maidens Well. I got to the location but couldn't find any evidence of a spring. The path continued and soon emerged into open glen where I started my descent back to Dollar. People were walking up the track as I walked down. I soon saw Castle Campbell below me in the distance. I reached its access road and returned to the car to leave my walking gear and head back to visit Castle Campbell.
Castle Campbell