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Glen Loy, Inverskilavulin, Ben Bhan, Scotland.
[09.4 km]  Fri 11 May 2018

Lat/Long: 56.901354, -05.079412
OS Grid ref:
NN 12567 83114

It was an overcast night and the cloud continued into the morning. I drove west along the B8004 through Gairlochy then down to the south to turn right at Loy Bridge to head up Glen Loy. It is a single track road with hardly any parking areas. Just before Inverskilavulin Bridge there is a side track into the forest with a wide area enabling two or three cars to park. There is a sign saying this is the parking area for mountain walkers.

Inverskilavulin Lodges
I was early and set off just after 6 a.m. to follow the private access road to Inverskilavulin. At the main gates the path turns left across very wet ground to head up the main Glen to the north. I continued upwards trying to avoid the boggy areas as best as I could. In front of me was a very steep ridge which continued to the north and quite relentless as I climbed steadily up to the final ridge and eventually the plateau at Ben Bhan.
Glen Loy

Ben Bhan summit plateau
I came to the west summit with a small cairn and found the wind quite difficult. The walk was very easy over the plateau and I was fortunate in having reasonable views even though there was some cloud. At an intermediate summit there was a very small cairn where I made a short detour to visit. I continued east towards the main summit and stopped briefly to look down to the north and Loch Arkaig.
Boundary post

Ben Bhan summit trig post

Ben Bhan and tripod
There was still a lot of snow on the north face of the Ben as I continued along the ridge. The summit had a trig post and I noticed a small portable photographic tripod had been left there. I assume it was found by someone and left on the trig post in case the owner returned. I left it there. My descent started to the west firstly crossing a dry flat area of grass and thankfully as I descended to the south the wind began to ease.
It was a straightforward descent I had great views into Glen Loy as I approached the buildings of Inverskilavulin. Before reaching them the path run parallel with the river with one or two nice views of waterfalls. I eventually came to the footbridge Id seen on the way up. I crossed the footbridge to join the wet path I'd climb up bye. I was soon back at the car. This was the last walk of this Scottish visit so I set off home.
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