Return to Whittle Wanderer

Little Dale, Robinson, Moss Force, Keskadale, Cumbria.
[14.8 km]  Wed 11 Apr 2018

Lat/Long: 54.563834, 03.189978
OS Grid ref:
NY 23153 19385

The Little Town car park at Chapel Bridge was empty when I arrived. I set off walking to the Newlands Chapel then continued up the lane to Low High Snab farm to have another go at the walk I started on 14 Feb but had to turn back because of wind and snow.

Low High Snab
There was no sign of snow today but it was still cold. The visibility wasnít good and the higher summits were in cloud. The green track up to the reservoir dam was very pleasant walking then it became rockier and less obvious. Up ahead was a solitary tree on a promontory and the route soon reached it. Ahead was Little Dale, a wide flat expanse of ground.
Littledale and Dam
I could see a path route heading up to the right and towards Robinson but I wanted to investigate the valley ahead. I reached the stone sheepfold which the furthest I got the last time I was here. The river then was almost covered in by snow and icicles but now was easy to hop across as I looked for drier ground ahead. I headed for higher ground as soon as I could to avoid the very boggy area ahead. I had to take some wide detours to avoid the worst of the moss but got to the edge without too much of a problem.
Little Dale higher sheepfold

I reached the higher and larger stone sheepfold and found some shelter behind it from the wind. As it would be the only shelter Iíd find I stopped to eat my sandwiches. There was no path of any kind as I continued up towards Littledale Edge. The gradient steepened and I was now in cloud with no views. It wasnít long before I reached the first of two tracks up to the right to Robinson summit.

Robinson summit

Looking down towards Crummock Water
Being in mist it wasnít obvious where the summit was as the summit area is relatively flat. There is a small shallow tarn which I passed and reached the cairn that marks the summit. I started the steep descent to the west and towards Buttermere Moss. As I descended through the mist I eventually found the narrow path down to the moss. Some areas were horribly wet and I was glad to High Snockridge and a better path. At the main descent to Buttermere I turned right to follow a grassy path to the steep descent towards Newlands Hause.
Moss Force waterfall (higher)
Before the road I turned right to investigate the higher Moss Force waterfall. It wasnít very impressive so I climbed a bit higher up the rocks. I descended to the lower waterfall where a few people had walked up from the car park. I followed the path down to the road and then along the road to Keskadale Farm where a lot of bank stabilisation had been done by the river. I continued to Bawd Hall where I left the road to follow a path down to the river and bridge. A very unhelpful and misleading sign said bridged were out because of the 2015 floods but when I got to the bridge it was fine and hadnít been affected. Over the bridge I followed the path across fields to the road below High Snab. I was now on the route Iíd walked along earlier. I was soon back at the car park which was now packed. I think the schools are still on holiday but I hadnít seen anyone out walking.
Moss Force waterfall (lower)