Return to Whittle Wanderer

Little Town, Scope Beck, Little Dale, Low Snab, Cumbria.
[8.8 km]  Wed 14 Feb 2018

Lat/Long: 54.563990, -03.189815
OS Grid ref: NY 23164 19402

There was some snow and wind as I left the small car park at Little Town to walk past Newlands Chapel and up to Low High Snab. There wasnt much snow on the ground as I started up the valley by Scope beck but Id decided to bring my snow shoes just in case.

Low High Snab
The wind started to increase as I reached the path above the dam and managed a photo through the increasing wind. The snow got deeper so I put my snow shoes on which helped through the snow drifts. It was a steep climb and the wind made progress difficult.
Dam and reservoir

I knew my planned route for the day wouldnt be possible so decided to try and get up into the valley and find the sheepfold and hopefully get some shelter and have my sandwiches. When I reached the high valley bottom there was hardly any visibility and when I reached the sheepfold the shelter there wasnt much shelter.

This is where I decided to return the way Id come. The descent was difficult due the increasing wind and it was far too strong to stand up. Ipicked my way down very carefully until I came to the dam and crossed over to reach the faint path on the east side of Scope Beck. Below Scope End I came to a large area of spoil heaps and descended to a track to investigate and old mine entrance. The track continued round the north part of Scope End to the farm at Low Snab. The farm track took me back to Newlands Church then the short distance back to my car.
Higher up Scope Beck

Mine entrance below Scope End