Return to Whittle Wanderer

Little Town, Hindscarth, Littledale Edge, Robinson, High Snab Bank, Cumbria.
[12.0 km]  Wed 07 Feb 2018

OS Grid ref: NY 23156 19383
Lat/Long: 54.563812, -03.189930
The morning was forecast to be cold and clear. I left home in the dark at -4degC. Driving north on the M6 at Tebay it was -6degC and still -6 at the Little Town Bridge car park.
The distinctive summit of Causey Pike was bathed in sunshine as I walked along the lane towards Newlands Church.

Causey Pike in the morning sun.
I was walking the reverse of last week’s walk but today there was snow on the ground and a blue sky above. Through Low Snab Farm I saw the farmer at the far side on the barn as I went through the two gates to turn right up the fell. I set off up Scope End ridge and soon had some amazing views in the clear sunshine. It was a steady climb through the snow and I soon had to put my ice studs on to be sure of good grip. The views across Newlands Valley were impressive views of Skiddaw and to the right Blancathra.  

Looking towards Skiddaw and Blencathra.
The climb steepened to the stone shelter below the summit of Hindscarth. At the summit of Hindscarth is a very unassuming cairn but today it commanded a very impressive 360 degree of views of the snow covered summits. I was surprised that I couldn’t see anybody else anywhere. I continued south and downwards to reach the top of Littledale Edge. I was hoping to get a good view of Buttermere but it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. I descended through deep snow to the head of Little Dale valley.
Shelter stones on Hindscarth
 At times I wished I’d brought my snowshoes. My next objective was Robinson and the steep climb was quite difficult in the deep snow. I followed the fence line and was able to use it pull myself up. The gradient eased towards the top as I reached Robinson summit and another unassuming cairn. I started my descent to the NE which was easy at first. The clear skies were now covered with high cloud. I reached a steep descent though the snow which I took with great care. The map shows a branch in the path where the original route goes diagonally down the hillside to Little Dale.
Ice studs
I couldn’t see any sign of it so continued down the ridge. Above Blea Crags thing became very difficult as the steep rocky pitches were covered in snow and ice and were very exposed. There were through sections of these and I was very relieved to reach the relatively easy High Snab Bank. For some inexplicable reason the path rurns sharp right and goes straight down the steep fell side. This was also covered in snow and I was very slippery. Eventually I reached the track and turned left to Low High Snab farm. Even following the farm track down I kept my ice studs on and the road was still covered with compact snow in places. A little sunshine emerged as I reached Newlands Church so I took a photo as I passed on my way to the car.
Looking down to Buttermere

From Robinson with Crummock Water in the distance

Looking down to Newlands Valley

Broom at Low High Snab

Newlands church