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Loch Rannoch, Coire Carie, Meall Garbh, Glen Sassunn, Innerhadden, Scotland..
[22.3 km]  Tue 19 Sep 2017

OS Grid ref: NN 65940 57837
56.692967, -04.190596

This is my first trip to Scotland in my new second hand car. I set off just after 06:30am and drove north without any problems via the M6 & M74 to Pitlochry then west to Kinloch Rannoch. I arrived around mid-day and my original plan was to do a short afternoon walk and my main walk over Meall Garbh tomorrow. The forecast is high pressure and good weather for the rest of today and rain tomorrow.

Way marker by the loch
Because of this I decided to do the main walk this afternoon and walk into the evening. There is a small parking area by the east shore of Loch Rannoch so I left the car there and walked along the road on the south shore. After about 2.5 miles I turned left up an unsurfaced track that had a car park and sign pointing up to a campsite. It was about a mile to the camping area and there were several vehicles and camper vans on the large field.
Messy forest
It was still warm and sunny as I continued up the track and back into the trees. I was on a firm forestry track and to the left were large areas of cleared forest and the terrible mess thatís left behind.
Approach to the hut
I reached a fork and took a narrow track through dense pines to a small hut. It was corrugated metal with an open front and just used for storing agricultural stuff. I walked past a gate and away from the forest and heading into open glen.
Tin storage hut
It was wet underfoot and I was following a vehicle track. I continued up the glen to a group of old shielings and the end of the track. The highest of the ruins had substantial walls not far off their original height.
Shieling ruins
My next objective was the summit of Meall Garbh and I headed straight up the east side of the glen to the ridge and the line of an old wire fence. Most of the iron posts were bent and dilapidated with bits of wire. The ground became dryer and improved as I got higher.
Old fence post
The summit of Meall Garbh was fairly flat and stony with a cairn covered in bits of old metal fencing. A friend had described it as looking like a scrapyard and I agree. I was now on a proper path and continued east. I soon left it to start my descent into Glen Sassunn.
Meall Garbh summit scrapyard

Bothy in Glen Sassunn

Bothy interior
Below me were around 50 deer but they soon moved as I got closer. I could see a hut down by the river and that was my next objective. The ground became wetter and rougher as I descended and I was glad to reach the hut. It was unlocked and very interesting. It didn't seem like a shooting hut as there were no chairs but there was an excellent stove and large supply of wood stacked up. It was built on the site of an old shieling. I'd left the door open and a small bird flew in pursued by a hawk of some kind.
Bothy stove and kettle
It was so quick I couldnít see what the hawk was as it left as quickly as it entered. The small bird was left trying to escape through the window glass. I managed to carry it out side in my hat and let it free. A little further down the track was a stone hut with a collapsed roof. By the river was a substantial weir and at first I thought it was for a water supply intake. On closer inspection I couldnít see any evidence of an outlet pipe. The track was an easy descent down through the glen to Dalchosnie farm and the road. It was about a mile walk back along the road to the car where the sun was just setting behind the cloud and loch.
The bird I freed from the bothy

Loch Rannoch sunset