Return to Whittle Wanderer

Crummock, Whiteside, Hopegill Head, Grasmoor, Wandope, Whiteless Pike, Rannerdale, Cumbria.
[15.7 km]  Wed 02 Aug 2017

OS Grid ref: NY 16253 19365
Lat/Long: 54.562559, -03.296652

Iíve returned to Crummock Water to repeat last weekís walk but do it the other way round. Because of low cloud I hadnít seen anything and even though todays weather forecast isnít good I decided to risk it. I continued further south along the Crummock Water Road to leave my car in the next parking area.  I was the first there.

The start of my climb was a delightful walk by Crummock Water
It was cloudy but not low enough to obscure the summits. I walked north along the road to where the path leaves it near Lanthwaite. At Liza Beck I crossed the footbridge and set off steeply up Whin Ben. The path is easy to follow but a bit scrambly in places. After a nice flat area the steep climb continued but was much easier than last week when I descended this way. Steep descents are always harder that climbs.
Looking d
own in to Gasgale Gill from Whiteside
Evenually I reached the summit ridge but also had a very strong cross wind to contend with. The howling wind was coming from my right so it was nice when the path occasionally followed the ridge just down to the left, giving brief shelter from the wind. On Hopegill Head I had a good 360deg view and was able to see many walkers heading up Grisedale Pike.
Loweswater in the distance

Along Whiteside ridge

Towards Causey Pike
I crossed to Sand Hill and then steeply down to Coledale Hause. The path is steep and loose so wherever possible I kept to the grass to get better grip. I was lucky that the rain had kept off but as I started to climb the ridge to Grasmoor the rain started so I put my waterproof trousers on. I kept to the right of the ridge so I had a good view down into the hanging valley below.
Coledale Hause
 The summit area of Grasmoor is flat and today was very windy. I reached the two rough stone shelters and was able to get views down towards Crummock Water and Buttermere. Last week I couldnít see anything. I turned east to head for Wandope and the rain became heavier and the cloud dropped and obscured the views. I reached the low Wandope cairn in the mist and turned SW for a while before crossing west to the Whiteless Edge path. The cloud swirled across the ridge as I descended but I still had occasional views down into Sail Beck. I was expecting a tricky descent but it wasnít as bad as I thought.
Looking down to Crummock Water
from Grasmoor
 A lot of it was well engineered and stepped. The rain increased as I reached the head of Rannerdale and the final descent. I could see two back packers ahead and they had just put waterproof coverings on their packs before heading slowly up towards Whiteless Pike the same way Iíd just come down. I continued down Rannerdale to the green track leading to the car park. I saw a couple of family groups walking in the rain with unsuitable waterproofs. They only had waterproof jackets so trousers were totally sodden. I hope it doesnít put the younger ones off. I reached the car in the rain and was thankful I had dry stuff to change into.
Wandope cairn