Return to Whittle Wanderer

Crossmount, Dunalastair Water, McGregor's Cave, Scotland.
[6.04 km]  Tue 06 Jun 2017

OS Grid ref: NN 70125 57749
Lat/Long: 56.693353, -04.122263

The overnight rain continued through the day. My morning walk is along the south side of Dunalastair Water. This is an enlarged loch that has been dammed at the east end. It was an easy & pleasant walk until a difficult river crossing of stepping stones has to be negotiated.

McGregor's Cave window top right
Once across it was a delightful green track to McGregor's Cave. The cave is mostly a man-made front of random stone with two doorways (doors long gone) & a window hole overlooking the loch. There are various legends surrounding it from a Jacobite hideout to Victorian picnic spot.
One of two doorway entrances

McGregor's Cave interior

The ruinous Dunalastair House

Fantasy software treatment

Walking back in the rain

Grab shot of a lovely Red Squirel
The Victorian story is the most plausible. I returned the same way and approaching the road had a look at the large Crossmount House. I walked up to it and it appeared the left part was occupied but the rest didnít. One of the roof windows looked to be missing and this would cause severe future damage. Back by the road there is a nice gate house there is an old tree stump converted into miniature features.
Lovely garden feature