Return to Whittle Wanderer

Fell Side (Caldbeck), Swinburn Gill, Brae Fell, Knott, Lingy Hut, High Pike, Cumbria.
[14.7 km]  Wed 17 May 2017

OS Grid ref: NY 30431 37371
Lat/Long: 54.726495, -03.081723

The weather forecast was mixed. I left home heading north along the M6 cloudy bright overcast sky but it cleared bit as I was driving over Shap. I couldn't take my normal route towards Hesket Newmarket due to road resurfacing works so had to make a diversion. I reached fell side and the rough track by the farm where the small car park is. The weather had improved and it was pleasant sunshine. I set off up the main access track to the old Roughton Gill Mines.

Early sunshine soon vanished
The earlier sunshine soon started to vanish as clouds rolled in. Before I reached the main mine area I turned off right to head up Swinburne Gill where there was a very faint track on the right of the Valley. It is the site of the old Red Gill Mines and there were spoil heaps and remains of metal and wooden structures where the crushing would have taken place. The 1890s map shows it as old mines but the earlier 1860s indicated it was working.
Old Mine building

Remnants from the mine

Brae Fell Cairn
Remains of the old buildings were cut into the hillside. Up to my right there was a steep valley side with further spoil heaps higher up. I climb steeply up then and after passing two sets old mine workings and spoil heaps I continued to the summit. It was quite steep in places and I was glad to reach the high fell where it's leveled off. Although there was no track I continued to Brae Fell where there is a cairn. It is many years since I visited it. I then turned to my left to head south passing little Sca Fell and then all the Great Sca Fell and across rough ground to the summit of Knott.
Lingy Hut

Lingy Hut

Interior graffiti

Modern Shepherd
It was now quite overcast but I still had excellent views all around and in clear whether this would be a magnificent viewing spot. I followed a faint path almost due east which descended the fell down to Gunner Well and Miller Moss. I crossed the stream and then along the muddy track to Lingy Hut. This is a wooden refuge Hut which is open at all times and judging by the inside is used on a regular basis. It can't be too convenient to spend the night in as there is no water nearby. I continued along the track and in the distance saw a flock of sheep approaching slowly with a farmer on a quad bike on the farside. I walked to one side to let them through and after exchanging waves with the Farmer I continued. It was quite enjoyable watching the Farmer's dog keeping the sheep together and bringing in any strays. Further along the track change to a path which I followed due north up to the summit of High Pike.
High Pike
There is a stone bench where someone was sitting & a stone wall shelter where someone was having their lunch. The trig post has a marker plate on the top. A short way to the north was another cairn. The descent path splits and I took the left branch to descend down to the old Caldbeck mine workings. I reached the main track and continue down then turn left to follow another track west across Caldbeck Fell were there has been extensive mine workings in the past. I took a faint pass through some old Quarry workings and descended down back to Fellside Farm and my car.