Return to Whittle Wanderer

Tindale Tarn, Tindale Doleshole, Cold Fell, Forest Head Quarry, Cumbria.
[14.3 km]  Fri 07 Apr 2017

OS Grid ref: NY 58870 58478
Lat/Long: 54.919292, -02.643205

Most of the country was bathed in sunshine but the north west was under cloud as I drove to car park near Hallbankgate. I tried to do this walk on Wed 22 March 2017 but heavy snow meant I had to cut it short. I left my car in the small car park at Clesketts and set off east along the track to Thorn. I left the track to head NE along an indistinct path across the moor.

Tindale Doleshole
The last time I was here I needed snowshoes! It was easy going and I had good views even though the weather was overcast. Tindale Tarn was to my right and looked very gloomy. I continued for just over a mile to reach the village of Tindale. There was what looked like a village green and adjacent parking area. There was a large impressive stone building opposite but I couldn’t figure out what it could have been used for. The area still has several occupied houses but no industry remains. I left the area along the line of the old railway that was closed in 1953.
It originally serviced the coal mines at Midgeholme and Halton Lea Gate. The area had a look of desolation about it and this was mostly due to the original Tindale Spelter Works which manufactured Zinc up to the end of the 1900s. it caused colossal pollution to the surrounding countryside. In the 1950s the huge quantity of waste material was used as hard-core in the construction of the Blue Streak rocket testing facility at RAF Spadeadam to the north.
Tindale Zinc Spelter Works

Tindale Zinc Spelter Works

Lime Kilns

Tindale Tarn
I walked through the desolation of the old smelting site and out on to the open fellside. On the approach to Tarn House I headed diagonally up the hillside to reach a pair of impressive stone cairns overlooking Tindale Tarn. I continued up to the summit Bruthwaite and Tindale Fells to the large pile of stones and currick on top.
Cairns above Tindale Tarn

Tindale Fell summit

Cold Fell summit and  trig point
The pile of stones look ancient but the maps make no mention of them. Away in the distance I could see the outline of Cold Fell and the pile of stones on top. I headed to it across rough and went ground with no path to follow. On Cold Fell summit it was 3degC and still overcast but there were still distant views.
Approaching Brown Fell
I found the dome shaped cairn by the trig post quite interesting. I followed the fence down to the west to stat my descent. I kept to the fence to Brown Fell then steeply down the bank to the rough track below. I turned right towards Forest Head and then along a path through Forest Head Quarries. The path was very wet in places as I approached some brick pillars. Apparently the quarry was used for limestone production. I came to a ruined house and track where there was a large limekiln. I continued along the track back to my car.
Forest Head Quarries

Forest Head Quarry building ruins

Forest Head Quarry Lime Kilns