Return to Whittle Wanderer

Perth, Dundee, Arbroath, Montrose, Stonehaven, Aberdeen, Scotland.
(3 day bike-pack)
Mon 17 Aug - Wed 19 Aug 2015

Wed 19 Aug 2015

Mon 17 Aug 2015
Tue 18 Aug 2015
Wed 19 Aug 2015
The rain stopped during the night but by morning was back again. Itís a good job this is my last camp as the tent was totally sodden as I packet it away. I was on the road by 07:15 which unfortunately coincided with the rush hour traffic. The first part of my ride was uphill along the B979 and for a while was still on the number 1 cycle route.

Stonehaven in the rain

After a couple of miles the official cycle route turned off to the right on its way to Aberdeen but took a very winding way to get there. My planned route is to continue along the road north. Although busy with traffic I didnít have much of a problem. The rain continued but was fairly light. Approaching the B9077 I took a right turn along a minor lane then down to the B9077 which I soon left to cross the River Dee and join the Old Deeside Railway line route which is now a cycle and walking route.

Old Deeside Railway now a cycle route

The railway was opened in 1853 and closed in 1966. As I rode along it was nice to see the occasional information board for long closed and demolished stations. The weather was still overcast but the dense foliage canopy over the trail meant it hardly mattered.

Station building on old Deeside Railway

bridge on the cycle route

After 10km I was approaching the centre of Aberdeen. Although the trail continued I left it at Great Southern Road to head south and over the King George VI Bridge over the River Dee. My plan was to cross the river twice and get a better view of the area. The overcast and misty weather meant I could hardly see anything. I re-crossed the River Dee by the Wellington Suspension Bridge, also known as the Chain Bridge. It was opened to pedestrians in November 1830 and to traffic in May 1831. Then closed in 1984 to vehicles and pedestrians in 2002. It was restored in 2006/07 and pedestrian use was re-instated in 2008.

Crossing the River Dee

Just after crossing I headed under a stone railway arch to follow a steep narrow footpath up to a succession of streets that I followed to the Railway Station.

near Aberdeen Railway Station

Aberdeen Railway Station

Bikes on the train

About to set off for Edinburgh

On the train crossing the Tay bridge

Iíd made good time and arrived at 09:15am. I was in luck with getting cycle reservations for my journey home. The total single fare was £45.65. I caught the 09:52 London Kings Cross train to Edinburgh. It was interesting looking out of the window as I was able to identify many views where I had ridden my bike. I arrived in Edinburgh at 12:26 the transferred to the 12:51 London Euston train to Preston. I reached Preston at 15:15 and cycled home via Penwortham, Avenham Park and the cycle route through Bamber Bridge.

The Tay bridge and old piers.

From the Forth Rail Bridge

Preston and cycling through Avenham Park