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Glasgow, Erskine Bridge, Forth and Clyde Canal, Forth Road Bridge, St Andrews, Dundee, Scotland.
(4 day bike-pack)
Mon 20 Jul - Thu 23 Jul 2015

Mon 20 Jul 2015

Mon 20 Jul 2015
Tue 21 Jul 2015
Wed 22 Jul 2015
Thu 23 Jul 2015
With my loaded with panniers I set off at 05:30am to ride to Preston Railway Station. I had previously bought a £9.60 single advanced ticked from Preston to Glasgow Central. The weather was overcast for my ride to Preston. The train was 5mins late but we still managed to arrive in Glasgow on time at 09:10am. The weather forecast wasn’t too good and there was a little drizzle as I wheeled my bike out of the rail station and on to Gordon St.

Glasgow Central

Some useful advice on the Virgin Train loo seat

Please don't flush
Nappies, sanitary towels, paper towels, gum, old phones, unpaid bills, junk mail, your ex's sweater, hopes, dreams or goldfish
down this toilet.

Loo advice

I cycled south to reach the Clyde then west to where the motorway passes over. I followed the cycle route through the roads to Kelvingrove Park then by the river to Ferry Road. The cycle trail was very handy as it took me under the busy roads where I was able to reach Castlebank St and Glasgow Harbour Terraces. This was as my first objective as it is the location of ‘Rise’, a female angel statue by Andy Scott.

'Rise' by Andy Scott

The light wasn’t good and the cluttered background of buildings didn’t help. Across the road I went through an underpass to join a cycle track heading back east to the Scottish Exhibition and Conference building area. I crossed the Clyde at Bells Bridge then along Pacific Drive to the Ibrox Stadium, the home of Rangers Football Club. This was my second objective to visit the memorial statue by Andy Scott for the 66 fans who died in the 1971 tragedy.

Bells Bridge

Also commemorated were the dead of other tragedies, 25 dead in 1902 and 2 fans in 1961. As I cycled by the front I noticed the Scottish and Union Flags were flying. I continued through Renfrew to the Erskine Bride. I’d driven over several times but this is the first time on my bike. There are cycle tracks on both sides but sign at the start of each had a sign saying it was closed and diverted to the other side.

Another sculpture by Andy Scott.
This is the memorial at
Ibrox Stadium - Rangers F.C.

to the 66 fans who died in 1971
2 fans in 1961 &
25 fans in 1902

Scottish and Union Flags

Bridge near Renfrew

Crosing the Erskine Bridge

The Erskine Bridge from the canal

I took the west track and found no obstruction of any kind. A high barrier fence prevented any decent view. The weather deteriorated and when I reached the north side torrential rain arrived. I’d left the bridge and was on the cycle track again so was able to shelter under the bridge as I put my waterproofs on. I followed the roads to my next objective and Bowling Basin, the start of the Forth and Clyde canal. I joined the cycle trail which follows the towpath.

Start of the Forth and Clyde canal

Erskine Bridge from the Clyde

Interesting displays by the cycle track

The rain varied in intensity for the rest of the day. Further on it was interesting to see how the canal had been incorporated into an extensive shopping complex. Further on I left the canal for a while to Visit the Industrial Estate at Craigmont St. This is where Andy Scott has his workshop.


He wasn’t here the last time I called. A lady in the adjacent unit office said he was about but when I went into his workshop there was nobody about. Doors were open and lights were on but no sign of life. I rejoined the canal route and continued through the rain to Kirkintillock. I left the canal for a while to buy 2*2lt bottles of water (20p each) from Sainsbury’s.

Interesting barge

I continued along the canal where the towpath was very muddy in places. After the Kilsyth area I reached a marina where I continued to the next bridge and a picnic area. I’d hoped to camp here but there were too many people and fishermen about. I continued in the rain to where there was a patch of wet grass by the canal which was big enough to get my tent up. It was so nice to get inside and out of the rain.

Camp 01