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Drumochter, Bhuidheabach, old Quartz Quarry, Scottish Highlands.
[13.4 km] Wed 08 Nov 2023

Lat/Long: 56.88326, -4.25312
OS Grid ref: NN 62808 79137
Id originally planned to do todays walk last month but due to the storms and heavy rain I had to return home early to prevent getting stranded. Today there had been lots of overnight rain so I had to wait until around 10:30am for most of it to blow over. The start of the walk was straightforward as I repeated the start of yesterday's walk across the A9 and along a very wet track to the east of Drumochter Lodge. `
Shooting butt.

Looking down the climb.
The track heading up towards Bhuidheanach was fairly obvious at first as it serviced a line of shooting butts spread out along the ascending ridge. The weather was cold and mostly clear for my steady climb. Before the high point the ground flattened for a while and I was able to see down left into the deep and steep sided valley. The ground soon turned steeper again and my original plan was to follow the edge of the steep valley to the east the high point wasn't far ahead so I decided to continue to the summit. It was a large area of plateau and the highest point at 901m was marked by a low cairn of 2 stones! Hardly a cairn and a shame for such a high point. I couldnt even find a name on the map. I started to descend to the NE and regain my original planned route. Up ahead I could see a ravine with a river at the bottom. Higher up were waterfalls and wondered how it would be getting across. Fortunately there was a narrow point where I could jump across.

Summit cairn of two stones.

Looking down the steep valley.

Quartz cairn.
Further along I came to an old ford and crossed higher up to join and old track which would eventually take me off the mountain. It headed north for a while where there was a quartz cairn. The weather deteriorated and snow was blowing across but it wasn't a problem. At a high point I came to an area that the map shows as an old quarry, though I couldn't see what was quarried as no excavations were too deep. The stony track descends NW towards the A9 but being loose stone over much of its length I tried to keep to the grass at the side. At the bottom Id originally planned to follow the cycle track along the A9 and back to the car but it would have been rather noisy. As there was a parallel track to the east of the A9 I decided to take that.

A lifty in the rain.

An all terrain vehicle had just parked up and I asked the driver if he knew anything about the quarry. He said it had been to get quartz but wasnt profitable enough. The snow turned to rain on the way down and I set off in the rain along the track. On the way the vehicle was going the same way so he gave me a lift back to Drumochter Lodge. I accepted only so I could see what it was like as Id never been in one. It was impressive but very noisy. The last part of my return was along the wet track Id started on. Back at the car the rain continued.
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