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Threlkeld, Railway footpath, Bobbin Mill tunnel, Old Keswick Railway Station, Brundholm, Cumbria.
[12.0 km] Wed 01 Nov 2023

Lat/Long: 54.615463, -03.060207
OS Grid ref: NY 31630 24996

The storm Ciarán was hitting the south coast as i drove north on a dark and rainy M6. I reached the roadside parking area near Threlkeld and thankfully the rain had almost stopped as I set of walking. It was overcast cloud so I couldn't appreciate the autumn colours at their best.



Railway workers.

Railway workers.

Bridge by General Wade.

Bobbin Mill Tunnel.

Bobbin Mill Tunnel.
The walk was interesting and easy and I was looking forward to the Bobbin Mill Tunnel and I wasn't disappointed when I arrived. The internal lighting is quite good and it was good to see lots of people out walking. Approaching the end of the route and the old railway Station there were a lot of people heading my way. Along the route are several excellent information boards and old photographs. I stopped to have my lunch sandwiches and then joined the old road which follows a high level route through Brundholme Wood. It is now closed to vehicles due to subsidence and minor landslides. I descended past Bundholme then up the hill to Wescoe and along the lane back to my car.

Old photo of skating on the River Greta.

Keswick Railway Station.

Keswick Railway Station 1914

Back at the car.
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