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A9, Wade's Bridge, Creagan Mor, Coire Urchaig, Balsporran Cottage, Scottish Highlands.
[11.2 km] Wed 18 Oct 2023

OS Grid ref: NN 62671 79186
Lat/Long: 56.883839, -04.254070
Today's Scottish wander (Wed 18th Oct 2023) was over Creagan Mor, South of Dalwhinnie. It was rather windy & with rain on the way I set off early. The first few miles were in the dark along a cycle track by the A9. It was still dark when I crossed the river by Gen. Wade's old Bridge so I took a snap by torchlight. `
Sign on the bridge over the railway.
There was no danger.

Bridge by General Wade.

Shooting butt.
Daylight arrived as I started the climb trying to follow a quad bike track and passing several shooting butts. They were extremely well made of timber sunk into the hillside. As the ground levelled off I crossed some boggy ground to a minor high point by the small loch. It was too windy to take any decent photos. Up ahead was the Creagan Mor summit which didnít take long to reach.

Mountain Cranberry.

Small loch below the summit.

Coire Urchaig cairn.

Quad bike on the descent.

Balsporran Cottage.

Over the summit I checked the wind speed on my pocket anemometer & measured 51mph. It sounds bad but on easy ground it wasn't a problem. I was now on familiar ground and continued across easy ground to the minor track and start of the steep descent. The track was loose stone which was too dangerous to walk on so I kept to the grass / heather at the side. The forecast rain didn't arrive!

Balsporran Cottage
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