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Wanthwaite Bridge, Fornside, Clough Head, Bramcrag Quarry, Cumbria.
[10.2 km] Wed 11 Oct 2023

Lat/Long: 56.8305180, -4.2213910
OS Grid ref: NN 64551 73205
Lots of rain on my dark drive to Cumbria but it stopped as I arrived at Wanthwaite Bridge. I set off walking east and stopped briefly at the old house by the bridge that is being renovated. I spoke to a workman there who said they'd probably be working on it for the next year! Up on the B5322 I turned right to head for the main start of my walk up the fells at Fornside. The main problem was the traffic so I wore my high viz jacket but it didnít seem to make much difference as the vehicles still didnít give me much clearance. `
Wanthwaite Bridge.

Bram Cragg bridge.

Treehouse at Fornside.
I wanted to get this stretch of road out of the way as soon as possible but I inadvertently took the wrong left turn off the road and ended up heading for Beckthorns. I had to retreat to the next and correct left turn to Fornside. Through a couple of gates with path markers I started the walk up the fell, passing the treehouse on the way. The track is a bit scrambly at first but higher up is well engineered including sections cut out of the rock. When the gradient eased I reached the old collapsed stone sheepfold with the outline of Calfhow Pike above.
The old path above Fornside.

My next objective was Clough Head so instead of heading for Calfhow Pike I took a pathless route NE to join the main path. Once on it I continued to Clough Head and was treated to some nice views, though not too clear. I didnít hang around as the westerly wind was quite strong and around 5degC. I descended west towards Bennesty Knott to join the diagonal path down below Red Screes. It was a bit wet in places but not too bad.

Clough Head trig post.

Clough head with Blencathra in the background.

By the Old Coach Road.

Once on the main track down Wanthwaite Bank I still had to be careful on some stretches of loose stones. Approaching the quarries I descended through the woods to join the track that was originally the old coach road. It was then a short walk back to the car.
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