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Dalnaspidal, Leitreach summit, Leitreach Lochane, Choire Leathanaidh, Scotland.
[15.0 km] Sat 23 Sep 2023

Lat/Long: 56.832317, -04.222893
OS Grid ref: NN 64384 73391

Electric sluice gates.
My overnight stop had been at the Dalnaspidal parking area so after a quick breakfast I set off in the dark to head for Leitreach. I crossed the railway and continued south to the start of the River Garry. It was still dark and in the distance I could see 2 lights which didn't make any sense out here unless it was an early morning fisherman. As I approached the dam I could see that they came from the electric sluice gates that had indicator screens on the side and these were the source of the light. Once over the bridge I started my climb of the south side of the mountain but as it was still dark I needed my headtorch to find the way to the muddy quad bike track. The sky was clear and as I climbed, was able to get some nice views.

The ascent was on a track which was rutted and wet but by the time I reached the first summit area I had a good view of the rising sun shortly after 7am. Over the first summit I continued to the next and higher summit where I had a good view of Schiehallion in the distance. I started my descent to the south and thankfully had clear weather to see the Loch ahead. I managed to find the quad bike track most of the way then started to descend to the east across flatter and wetter ground.

Sunrise near the summit.

The sharp summit of Schiehallion in the distance.

At the river by the stoned track the level was low so it was easy to hop across. In the area are a few shieling ruins but they are less distinct than usual and probably abandoned for much longer. I continued up the stoned track to the summit then started the descent over the other side. The loose stones made it tricky on the first steep section. Half way down I saw a quad bike coming up. Half way down are some much more substantial shieling ruins. After joining the track above the River Garry I turned left to follow it back to Dalnaspidal. I stopped briefly by the wooden marker post for the geographical centre of Scotland. Once back at the car I set off on the drive home.
Geogrphical centre of Scotland.
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