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Dalnaspidal, Loch Garry, Meallan Buidhe summit. Scotland.
[16.8 km] Fri 22 Sep 2023

Lat/Long: 56.832317, -04.222893
OS Grid ref: NN 64384 73391
There had been lots of rain overnight but by 06:30am it had stopped. The weather was still overcast as I set off over the level crossing at Dalnaspidal and along the track to the west heading for Loch Garry. Iíd inadvertently left my walking pole behind in the car but reckoned I could find a suitable branch on the way. At the second group of pines I found a suitable branch to keep me going. I hadn't been walking along the north shore of Loch Garry long when I noticed a rectangular post behind some pines.
Alison Halcrow memorial.

Alison Halcrow (1967-2008).
At first I thought it was a concrete survey post used when the loch and hydro scheme was constructed in the 1930s. As I approached I noticed it was wood and on the far side was a plaque to commemorate Alison Halcrow (1967-2008). Either side was a log placed so that they could be used as seats. I had a long way to go so didnít have time to stop. I continued along the track to the cubical concrete building that marks the start of the tunnel adit where the Lock outlet tunnel starts its 5 mile underground journey to Loch Ericht. I continued another mile to where the track ends at a gate. A path continued across a ford where there is a group of old shielings. They are fairly indistinct and not obvious if you don't know what to look for.

Intake on Loch Garry.

Waterfalls above Loch Garry.
I didnít continue along the path as this is where I started my climb up from the Loch. There was a large waterfall and I followed a minor path to the left. Luckily there was a quad bike track that made part of the climb easier. When I left it the ground became much rougher but not too difficult. It was a long slog to reach the Meallan Buidhe summit. The top area was relatively flat and not too obvious where the summit was. A small cairn coincided with the maps 879m summit.

Meallan Buidhe summit.
I turned west to descend along another quad bike rack but it soon petered out. I started my descent following a diagonal route but hd no path to follow. I was on familiar territory as Iíd climbed this way back in May. I reached a quad bike track then soon down to the shooter's track below. Slight drizzle on the top stopped and it was an easy pleasant walk back down the track. Back over the railway level crossing I was back at the car where it soon started to rain quite hard.
Moss on the descent.
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