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Dalnaspidal, Leitreach summit, Leitreach Lochane, Loch Garry, Scotland.
[17.3 km] Mon 21Aug 2023

Lat/Long: 56.832317, -04.222893
OS Grid ref: NN 64384 73391

Spent the night at Dalnaspidal along with lots of rain. It had stopped by the time I set off at 06:15am but the midges were out so I needed my head net. It was cloudy as I approached Meall Leitreach and but just before starting the main climb a patch of sunshine broke through giving me a nice view of a full rainbow.

Penstocks & Sow of Athol.

Rainbow above Loch Garry.
The sun soon vanished and the rain started. It was heavy enough to need full waterproofs. The last time I climbed the mountain from the north was 5 years ago when it was snowing and I got soaked.. I was following my gps track from that day and also the route of a quad bike track. The going was easy but very wet. By the time I got to the summit area the visibility was down due to the cloud.
Summit in the mist.
At the summit cairn the rain stopped as I started to descent the other side to the south. I was following a quad bike track which I was glad of as my next objective was a small tarn about 1.5km away. The ground continued very wet but thankfully the weather cleared enough for me to see the tarn away in the distance. The track took me all the way there.


I then headed east to descend towards the track that I used to traverse the mountain the last time I was here. I was also on the lookout for some old shielings shown on the map. I descend down to the track where further down near a culvert crossing of the river were the shielings. I only checked out one but it was very old and most of the stone foundations were almost completely overgrown. It was an easy walk down the track and the weather cleared enough to get good views across to Duinish where I was last month.

Inlet to Loch Garry.

As I headed north along the track by Loch Garry the rain kept threatening to return but thankfully kept off for the final kilometres back to my car.

Spenstocks on River Garry.
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